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Dark of the west

Athan, the youngest son of General Dakar of Savient, wants nothing to do with his father's military and political ambitions, but when his mother is murdered, he is ordered to go undercover in the kingdom of Etania, befriend Princess Aurelia, and gather intelligence about her indomitable mother, who stands between the general and his ultimate goals of conquest.
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Making spy disguises

Teaches readers about spy disguises, including dress, speech, and makeup.
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The traitor's kingdom

After an assassination attempt, Sage and her fiance attempt to undercover who the traitor is and work to avoid a war with another country.
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Nazi saboteurs

Hitler's secret attack on America
"In Nazi Saboteurs, Samantha Seiple brings readers into the high-stakes world of Hitler's most trusted team of saboteurs as the eight men are hand-selected by top Nazi officials to be trained in spycraft and sabotage. With black-and-white photos and fast-paced storytelling, readers follow the men to the coasts of New York and Florida, where they work to establish secret identities for themselves in America, identify the country's key military targets, and destroy them with explosives. Little do they know, one of them is about to turn on them all"--.
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Famous spies

Takes readers on a mission to learn about famous spies through conversational text, engaging photos, and fun facts.
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Secret agents! Sharks! Ghost armies!

World War II
"Describes some of the creative and subversive tactics the United States used to win World War II, including hiring Virginia Hall, the Allied Forces' most dangerous spy."--OCLC.
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masters of stealth and secrecy
Find out about the Ninja warriors of Japan who were highly trained in martial arts and stealth.
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Famous spy missions

Takes readers on a mission to learn about famous spy missions through conversational text, engaging photos, and fun facts.
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Spying and the Cold War

Presents facts on espionage around the world during the Cold War, chronicling the Cold War's major events and discussing such topics as the Manhattan Project, the division of Berlin, the U-2 spy plane, "Sputnik, " the Cuban missile crisis, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, and spies such as Gu nter Guillaume and Dmitri Polyakov.
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The dark game

true spy stories
A collection of true spy stories from throughout the history of the United States, discussing personalities, missions, traitors, technological advances, and more.


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