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Buzz off, Bee!

This adorably illustrated story about a bee looking for flowers to pollinate will delight emergent readers while supporting and developing reading skills. A reading quiz encourages children to reflect on what they've read.

Too much noise!

Young children can practice their reading skills with this heartwarming story about a bear with a loud, rumbly tummy and the rabbit friend who finds food to help fill his hungry belly.

Planet odd

Have a blast with this story of an alien who crash-lands on a strange planet. Young readers can use the carefully leveled text to improve their reading skills while also learning about accepting differences.

The perfect spot

With colorful illustrations and carefully leveled text, this story about a young girl looking for the perfect spot to do her painting will have young readers and artists turning pages.

The space race

Zip and Zog are in a race through space! Zip has a speedy rocket, but Zog has a powerful ship. Readers will be racing to see who comes out ahead in this fun tale.

Jim and the big fish

Jim wants to catch a fish in his net, but he keeps getting other things instead! Children will hone their reading skills with charming illustrations and a reading comprehension quiz.

Sheep on the run!

Meet Lee, Farmer Green, and all of his sheep! In this fun story, young readers will hone their reading skills with the help of colorful illustrations and engaging text.

Little Fish and Big Fish

This story about Big Fish and Little Fish introduces young children to reading. With easy-to-read text and colorful illustrations, emergent readers will dive in!.

Izzy! Wizzy!

Get to know Izzy and her silly magic spells! With easy-to-read text and a comprehension activity, this fun story helps young readers develop reading skills.

The hangout headache

Spidey invites Hulk to hangout in WEB-Quarters for the day, like any good friend would do. But it quickly turns into disaster. It turns out that Hulk in WEB-Quarters is worse than a bull in a china shop.


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