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The way of the hive

a honey bee's story
A graphic novel that tells the life story of a young bee named Nyuki, showing the structure of life in a beehive and the struggles bees face to survive. Includes an educational section at the end of the book called "Odds & Ends" with facts and information about bees.

Fair and square

Yeti and Unicorn cannot always agree, whether it is about which shape is most pleasing, whose style of painting is best, or, more serious, how to divide up a pie--but the two friends always find a way past their differences, because their friendship is important to both.

The Bad Guys in dawn of the underlord

"The Bad Guys have saved the world from butt-handed evil and now it's time to party! But Mr. Snake doesn't feel like partying. Ohhh, no. He's way too powerful for that. Mr. Snake would rather mess with things that could rip open a doorway into a whole new world of horror, mayhem, and blood-curdling badness. Better put your party pants on ice, the Bad Guys are back, baby!"--Back cover.

A small blue whale

"A small blue whale learns the meaning of friendship"--.


"When baby wants out of his crib, it's up to his faithful dog to keep him out of trouble"--.

Pleased to meet me

"Thirteen-year-old Meade Macon attends Me Con, a convention where he meets different versions of himself from across the multiverse"--Provided by publisher.

Little Hoo goes camping

"It's time for the Hoo family to go on their annual camping trip, but Little Hoo is a little bit nervous. From setting up a tent, to cooking dinner over the fire, to sleeping with spooky noises, camping has a lot of new things for Little Hoo to experience"--Amazon.

Late lunch with llamas

"The magic tree house whisks Jack and Annie away to South America, where they must climb Machu Picchu to save a baby llama"--Provided by publisher.

The giant of Jum

A hungry giant wants to eat Jack for a snack but is waylaid by other children who need his help.

Beach day!

A family spends a fun day at the beach, collecting shells, building sandcastles, and flying kites.


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