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Flubby does not like snow

Kami tries to convince her finicky cat, Flubby, to come outside and enjoy the winter wonderland.

The knowing

Using her signature folk style, the Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter, political activist, and feminist icon weaves a story that incorporates themes of individual power and collective responsibility.

What is college?

Follow Uche and BJ as they explore what college is. These two students share dialogue on how to prepare for college.

How does my fruit grow?

Sophie learns about the fruit that grows at her cousin's home in the country. When her family moves south, she starts to enjoy her new garden with its different plants and trees.

Interrupting cow and the wolf in sheep's clothing

Interrupting Cow introduces a lonely wolf to her friends, and they all share her famous knock-knock joke.

The night frolic

Before they go to sleep, children travel on a dreamy, whimsical journey to visit the Night Tiger, the Night Walrus, the Night Elephant, and others.

Bella and the vampire

After moving to small, spooky Massachusetts beach town Shiver-by-the-Sea, Bella Gosi must team up with her new friend to help a kid vampire find his way home.

Witch in the country

Crimson Twill's new friends from New Wart City, Mauve and Wesley, are coming for a visit! But as soon as they arrive at Crimson's house in Cackle County, things start to go wrong. At the rotten apple orchard, Crimson's ripening spell goes horribly awry (what will they do with all that rotten applesauce?). Then, at the broom-straw field, Wesley cuts too much straw and starts to float away. And when the friends try to collect frogs' breath for their spells (it makes everything wonderfully green and warty), Mauve gets a stinky faceful of it! What on earth is going on? The whole countryside feels like something big is about to happen, and Crimson wonders if it has something to do with Granny Twill and that giant cauldron of stew she made. Can Crimson get to the bottom of this bad-luck mystery? And, more importantly, will her city friends ever want to visit her again?.

Stories to keep you alive despite vampires

If you are reading this book, then you must be trapped in that spooky house with those vampires. Sorry about that. But! You might just make it out if you manage to tell them one scary story each night in accordance with standard vampire rules. Don't know any scary stories? Good thing you found this book! Every tale in this tome is true...more or less (more more than less).

In the zone

Tony Andia uses the strong arm and tenacity that makes him Peabody's star quarterback to excel on the pitcher's mound. But when he thinks an opposing player has disrespected him, he loses his cool and the game! Was Tony right about the dis? Or were cultural differences in play?.


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