mexico city (mexico)

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mexico city (mexico)

Playing for the devil's fire

Thirteen-year-old Boli lives in a small pueblo near Mexico City that is ravaged by the drug trade. When his parents go missing, Boli convinces a former masked wrestler to help him find his parents. Their quest is marked with tragedy, acceptance, and hope.

Signal to noise

"Meche, awkward and fifteen, has two equally unhip friends--Sebastian and Daniela--and a whole lot of vinyl records to keep her company. When she discovers how to cast spells using music, her future looks brighter for the trio. Thethree friends will piece together their broken families, change their status as non-entities, and maybe even find love..."--Back cover.

Playing for the Devil's fire

Thirteen-year-old Boli lives in a small pueblo near Mexico City, a landscape destroyed by drug crime, and when his parents leave town and are not heard from, Boli hopes to inspire a luchador to help him find them.

Destination Mexico

Features the urban environment of Mexico City and its surrounding area and the rural Baja California peninsula and Copper Canyon.

Helen Levitt

Mexico City
Collection of works by American photographer Helen Levitt, depicting scenes from Mexico City's working class neighborhoods in 1941.

Treasures in heaven

a novel
In the late nineteenth century, a woman named Estela moves with her young son to Mexico City to be close to her married lover and soon meets a mysterious and powerful woman who involves her in the beginnings of a social revolution.

Lucha libre

the Man in the Silver Mask : a bilingual cuento
When Carlitos attends a wrestling match in Mexico City with his father, his favorite masked-wrestler has eyes that are strangely familiar. Presented in English and Spanish.

A golpe de calcet?n

Paco Poyo, a newsboy in a small Mexican town, agrees to deliver a message to a patient in the local hospital for a man who offers to buy all of Paco's papers, but the simple errand turns into a grand adventure.


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