mexico city (mexico)

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mexico city (mexico)

Casa Azul

an encounter with Frida Kahlo
In 1940, after traveling from their country village to Mexico City to find their mother, fourteen-year-old Maria and her younger brother Victor are befriended by the artist Frida Kahlo and the talking animals and household objects that inhabit her home.

The Aztec empire

A description of life in the Aztec empire written in the form of a travel guide.

Solving the mysteries of Aztec cities

Discusses the tools and techniques of archaeologists to uncover artifacts and evidence from ancient Aztec cities in order to better understand what hides beneath the Mexico City, the purpose for the temples, and what became of the Aztec empire.

Mexico City

A look at the largest city in the world explores its past and present.

Mexico City

Describes the history, culture, daily life, food, people, sports, and points of interest in Mexico City, the capital of Mexico.

Hidden world of the Aztec

Examines the work of archaeologists at the site of the Great Temple in Mexico City, discussing excavation and knowledge gleaned from it about Aztec culture, and explores the future of archaeology in the city, which was built over the rubble of Tenochtitlan after the Spanish conquest.

Daily life in ancient and modern Mexico City

A historical exploration of events and daily life in Mexico City in both ancient and modern times.

The fall of Mexico City

Describes the defeat of Mexico City in 1848 and the end of the Mexican War, circumstances contributing to the war, and its consequences.

Mexico City

Describes the history, cultural heritage, demographics, and economic and natural resources of Mexico City.

Mexico City

Presents an introduction to Mexico City, the capital of Mexico, provides information about the city's history, people, living and economic conditions, and culture, and takes a look at plans for the future.


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