Whatzit vs. the ice blaster burglar

"The Ice-Blue Diamond has been stolen! Bad guy Captain Cold and his ice blaster have given Central City the slip. When The Flash calls for backup, his superpowered turtle, Whatzit, dashes in to save the day"--Provided by publisher.

Metropolis monkey trouble

"A chunk of Kryptonite has turned Superman into a wild animal! He's on the streets and looking to make monkey trouble. Can Beppo the Super-Monkey stop him from making Metropolis his playground?"--Provided by publisher.

Black Manta's mind-control machine

"Deep under the ocean's surface, the villain Black Manta hunts in a submarine. His mind-control device can brainwash ocean animals into helping him. Can the sea horse Super-Pet Storm outswim Aquaman's deep-sea enemy?"--Provided by publisher.

Composite crisis!

"Superman has been defeated by Lex Luthor--or so the evil mastermind thinks! Trapped in a Kryptonite fortress under the sea, our hero is fading fast--but he can't be defeated when his friends have his back! And while he is recovering, a new Kryptonian arrives on the scene! Plus, something weird has come to Central City. The Flash might provide some answers...if you can keep up!"--From the publisher's web site.

Brimstone attacks!

"A peaceful day in Metropolis is interrupted when Brimstone comes to clear a path for Darkseid. This looks like a job for...Supergirl!? Yes, because Superman is out of town visiting his new baby brother! But villainous plots are afoot on New Krypton, too. Is anywhere safe for our superheroes?"--From the publisher's web site.

Gulliver's travels

The voyages of an Englishman carry him to a land of people six inches high, a land of giants, an island of sorcerers, and a land where horses are masters of human-like creatures.

Through the dark forest

"The Never Girls' quest takes them to a mysterious shadow island. Can they find Tink without putting the rest of their fairy friends in danger?"--.

Beyond Never Land

"When Tinker Bell gets lost on a mysterious island far beyond Never Land, it's up to Kate, Mia, Lainey, Gabby, and their fairy friends to find her. Join the Never Girls as they leave Never Land on a magical and dangerous quest for a special friend"--Back cover.

The never girls

Continues the adventures of four friends in Never Land.

Robin Hood

the one who looked good in green
When Robin Hood and Marian are thrown together on a quest that requires bravery, quick-witted escapes, and the ability to get along, they discover there is no limit to what they can do together.


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