The joke's on you Batman

"The Joker is stirring up trouble again in Gotham City, but this time he has an ace up his sleeve: a computer virus that can wipe out all Gotham City's technology in an instant! Can Batman thwart the Joker's plans? It's the ultimate showdown between the Dark Knight and the Clown Prince-- or shall we say king?-- of Crime!"--Back cover.

Pete the Cat

big reading adventures
"Follow Pete the Cat as he tries new food, goes on a train ride, dives deep underwater, and much more"--Container.

A river runs through it and other stories

A collection of three stories, featuring the title piece about the relationship between a father and his two sons, bound together by love and fly fishing.

Saint young men

"Jesus, the Son of God. Buddha, the Enlightened One. Two of history's most important figures whose sagely deeds have been told and retold. After a few millennia of helping humanity, they have decided to take some time off and rent an apartment together in modern-day Tokyo. But even their saintly status hasn't fully prepared them to navigate the ups and downs of life in 21st century Japan, from theme parks, to shopping for rice cookers, to the wonderful world of manga. Follow this pair on a goofy, light-hearted, and pun-filled adventure in friendship"--Back cover.

The triumph of Caesar

a novel of ancient Rome
A fictionalized account of the conspiracies set around the murder of Julius Caesar at the dawn of his dictatorship, in which Calpurnia, Caesar's wife, hires Gordianus to save her husband, but he only agrees after his close friend was murdered for attempting to do the same task.

The throne of Caesar

"Gordianus the Finder is summoned to meet with Cicero and then with Julius Caesar himself. Both have the same request of Gordianus--find out if there are any conspiracies against Caesar's life. Caesar, however, has one other important matter to discuss--to appoint Gordianus a Senator when he attends the next session on the 15th of March. With only four days left, Gordianus must dust off his old skills and see what conspiracy against Julius Caesar, if any, he can uncover"--OCLC.

Catilina's riddle

Gordianus the Finder, drawn back from the country to Rome to keep an eye on his patron Cicero's rival Catilina, is swept into a dangerous mystery when he discovers a headless corpse in his stables.

The pale horseman

Uhtred, a dispossessed young nobleman, born a Saxon but raised by the Vikings, forms an uneasy alliance with King Alfred the Great to fight for Wessex when the kingdom is attacked by the Danish Vikings in the ninth century.

Fortune's favorites

Story of the last years of the great general Sulla and Pompey, the young scion of a powerful rural family amid the events of the Roman Republic.

A murder on the Appian Way

Gordianus the Finder is charged by Pompey the Great to discover what really happened on the Appian Way on January, 52 B.C. after Publius Clodius is found murdered and Titus Milo stands accused.


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