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The Bad Guys in dawn of the underlord

"The Bad Guys have saved the world from butt-handed evil and now it's time to party! But Mr. Snake doesn't feel like partying. Ohhh, no. He's way too powerful for that. Mr. Snake would rather mess with things that could rip open a doorway into a whole new world of horror, mayhem, and blood-curdling badness. Better put your party pants on ice, the Bad Guys are back, baby!"--Back cover.

Late lunch with llamas

"The magic tree house whisks Jack and Annie away to South America, where they must climb Machu Picchu to save a baby llama"--Provided by publisher.

Me and Marvin Gardens

Obe Devlin spends a lot of his time cleaning up the creek that runs through what little is left of his family's once extensive farmland, and worrying about what the developers are doing nearby, and the pollution it is causing--but one day he finds a strange creature by his creek that eats plastic, and soon the animal he calls Marvin Gardens becomes his personal secret, which he believes needs to be protected from pretty much everybody.

The line tender

"Following a tragedy that further alters the course of her life, twelve-year-old Lucy Everhart decides to continue the shark research her marine biologist mother left unfinished when she died years earlier"--Provided by publisher.


An introduction to the physical characteristics, habitat, and behavior of deer.

Giant panda

Examines the life of the giant panda bear, describing its social behavior, life cycle, food habits, and habitat.

Where's Santa?

Baby Bugs spends Christmas Eve night searching for Santa, but instead finds all of his favorite friends.

The puppy rescue

Girl Scout mystery
"Avery, Ella, and their two Girl Scout friends decide to show their love for animals by volunteering at an animal shelter. They have fun giving puppy baths, cuddling canines, and even cleaning cages! But when the girls realize that the dogs and puppies are disappearing, they become alarmed. Who is taking the precious pups? And why?? To make matters worse, there's a hurricane coming!"--Back cover.


"This search-and-find book invites young readers to look for new vocabulary words and pictures while giving simple facts about a reindeer's Arctic habitat, body parts, and behaviors"--Provided by publisher.


Photographs and text introduce children to the physical characteristics, diets, natural habitats, history, life cycles, and folklore of deer.


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