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Manga mania universe

the massive book of drawing manga
"Drawing on the mega-success of Christopher Hart's Manga Mania series, Mega Manga Mania combines curated content from each previous Manga Mania book (Girl Power!, Romance, and Shonen) into one giant volume. Manga fans will enjoy having such a wide variety of how-to-draw manga instruction in one convenient book. The dynamic artwork and first-rate instruction that has made this series a success is fully apparent in this version, which showcases the best in drawing manga girls, romantic characters and scenes, and manga action and adventure. The thickness of this volume, at this price point, will be a definite draw for the manga-drawing set as well"--.

Suee and the shadow

Twelve-year-old Suee Lee dresses all in black and has no friends--just the way she likes it. Transferring to the dim, boring Outskirts Elementary, Suee suddenly hears a strange voice speaking to her from the school's exhibit room. Then, her shadow comes to life, something dark and sinister which puts Suee and her classmates in trouble.


Presents a graphic novel adaptation of Bram Stoker's "Dracula," in which Jonathan Harker and his friends discover the true nature of the mysterious Count Dracula and try to stop him.

Monster friends

Reggie the monster is house-sitting for his cousin Agnes and her family, and his world is turned upside down when he meets their neighbor Emily. At first reluctant to the idea of a friend, Reggie slowly warms up to the outgoing Emily and finds himself having a fun-filled summer.

The knight at dawn

the graphic novel
After Jack and Annie find a magic treehouse in the woods near their house, they can't believe it when they are transported back to the time of the dinosaurs. The siblings return to the treehouse to prove their adventure really happened and find themselves traveling back in time to the Middle Ages. They meet a mysterious knight who needs their help but while they are searching for him in the castle, the kids are mistaken for spies and thrown in the dungeon. There, they befriend the other prisoners who seem to be imprisoned for trivial crimes, so Jack and Annie come up with a plan to escape and free the prisoners.

Secrets of Camp Whatever

When her family and even fate itself seem to conspire to force eleven-year-old Willow to go to her dad's weird old summer camp, she soon finds herself faced with a summer of mystery. There are stolen snacks, missing brothers, a suspicion of vampires, and a sinister fog that has hidden a generation of secrets at the Camp--which has no name.

No one returns from the enchanted forest

All goblins know that no one returns from the Enchanted Forest, but Pella has a good reason for venturing in--earthquakes have begun destroying her village and the Midsummer Festival might be canceled. Legend says that the ancient being responsible for earthquakes, the Earth Queen, lives in the heart of the Enchanted Forest, and Pella wants to give her a piece of her mind.

The wild cat

When Ginger the fox and her badger siblings go to see Sylvester the Wild Cat's show, he says mean things to her about living with badgers. Ginger begins to wonder if she's a true fox and sets out to find other animals like her. However, she soon learns that it's good to be who you are.

A perfect view

While out with her dad, sister, and friend Kendra on a camping trip, Cici finds that her new fairy powers make things difficult--it rains the whole time, and a mischievous forest sprite keeps testing her cheery nature, threatening to ruin all of Cici's fun plans.

Marvel action Spider-Man

Spider-Man, Miles Morales, and Gwen Stacy are preparing for a big exam in high school when they are forced to stop studying and tackle the villain, the Shocker.


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