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intelligence officers

Spies in St. Petersburg

"With Sophie still missing in action after their explosive mission in Paris, Lil decides to take matters into her own hands. On a new mission for the Secret Service Bureau, can Lil find Sophie in misty, mysterious St Petersburg? Can they uncover the identity of their true enemy and can they trust anyone--even the Bureau? It's time for Sophie and Lil to put their spy skills to the test"--Provided by.


a novel of World War II
"It's November 1944. Willi Graf, a German rocket engineer, is launching Nazi Germany's V2 rockets at London from Occupied Holland. Kay Connolly, once an actress, now a young English Intelligence officer, ships out for Belgium to locate the launch sites and neutralize the threat. But when rumors of a defector circulate through the German ranks, Graf becomes a suspect. Unknown to each other, Graf and Connolly find themselves on opposite sides in the hunt for the saboteur. Their twin stories play out against the background of the German missile campaign, one of the most epic and modern but least explored episodes of the Second World War. Their destinies are on a collision course"--OCLC.

The ghost

the secret life of CIA spymaster James Jesus Angleton
A biography of CIA chief, James Angleton, and how this hidden chapter of history shaped America's national destiny.

The traitor

Together in Paris, CIA agent Tommy Carmellini and his boss Jake Grafton work to uncover the French intelligence service's alleged secret agent among Al Queda and the intelligence he or she holds.


a novel
Intelligence operative Lord Alexander Hawke matches wits with a brilliant but deadly psychopath in a desperate race to prevent an American Armageddon.

Firing point

"While on vacation in Barcelona, Jack Ryan, Jr. is surprised to run into an old friend at a small caf?. At first, Renee Moore seems surprised to see Jack, but then shejust seems irritated and distracted. After making plans to meet later, Jack leaves, only to miss the opportunity to ever speak to Renee again, as the caf? is destroyed minutes later by a suicide bomber. A desperate Jack plunges back into the ruins to save his friend, but it's too late. As she dies in his arms, she utters one word, "Sammler." When the police show up they are initially suspicious of Jack until they are called off by a member of the Spanish Intelligence Service. This mysterious sequence of events sends the young Campus operative on an unrelenting search tofind out the reason behind Renee's death. Along the way, he discovers that his old friend had secrets of her own--and some of them may have gotten her killed"--Provided by publisher.

Good spy

the life and death of Robert Ames
Drawing on extensive interviews with Ames' widow and quotes from his private letters, a Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer presents a brilliant narrative of the making of America's most influential and effective intelligence officer in the Middle East.

Golden State

"In a strange alternate society that values law and truth above all else, Laszlo Ratesic is a nineteen-year veteran of the Speculative Service. He lives in the Golden State, a nation standing where California once did, a place where like-minded Americans retreated after the erosion of truth and the spread of lies made public life and governance impossible. In the Golden State, knowingly contradicting the truth is the greatest crime--and stopping those crimes is Laz's job. In its service, he is one of the few individuals permitted to harbor untruths, to "speculate" on what might have happened. But the Golden State is less a paradise than its name might suggest. To monitor, verify, and enforce the truth requires a veritable panopticon of surveillance and recording. And when those in control of the facts twist them for nefarious means, the Speculators are the only ones with the power to fight back"--Provided by publisher.

The secret life of spies

"Meet double agent Nathalie Sergueiew, who helped collect information for the Allies during World War II; high-altitude pilot Gary Powers, who flew to great heights to take photographs of Soviet military installations; and mathematical genius Alan Turing, whose incredible work helped crack Nazi encryptions. These incredible people, along with a host of other amazing individuals, have all helped shaped the history of espionage through their dedicated work"--Back cover.


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