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intelligence officers

The mission song

Bruno Salvador, the orphaned love child of a Catholic Irish missionary and a Congolese woman, is inspired by his mentor at a discreet sanctuary for the secret sons of Rome, to train as a professional interpreter in the minority African languages, and becomes a British agent with conflicting loyalties.

The game

a Mary Russell novel
Mary Russell is settling in for a much-needed rest with her husband, Sherlock Holmes, but when Holmes' gravely ill brother brings news of a mystery, the couple set off to solve another mystery that is complicated by the government, family ties, and a decades-old secret.

Robert Ludlum's The Bourne sanction

a new Jason Bourne novel
Jason Bourne, who returns to Georgetown University to live the normal life of David Webb, starts to feel restless and is asked by his mentor, Professor Specter, to help investigate the murder of a student by the Black Legion, a Muslim extremist sect, while an operative from Central Intelligence tries to track down and kill Bourne.


Third Echelon special operative Sam Fisher investigates the death of a former Justice Department investigator by radiation poisoning, which leads him to a radical Islamic leader in Kyrgyzstan who will do anything to destroy the technological world.

Operations officer and careers in the CIA

Looks at careers in the field of counterterrorism, focusing on the work done by operations officers and other jobs in the CIA, reviews the history of spying and the Central Intelligence Agency, and describes the general requirements for working at the CIA.

Blowing my cover

my life as a CIA spy
Lindsay Moran tells about her experiences trying to win a job with the Central Intelligence Agency, shares stories from her five years at the CIA as a case worker, and discusses her decision to quit.


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