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The Sasquatch of Hawthorne Elementary

"A huge, mysterious creature is hiding out in the woods near Jake Nelson's new home, he's sure of it. He and his mom recently moved from Florida to live with his grandfather in Washington State, dashing any hopes he had of ever meeting his equally-mysterious father. Starting sixth grade at his new school hasn't been easy, either. When word gets out that Jake is a Sasquatch hunter, will he be mercilessly teased like he was at his old school? Or will his new friends Jasmine and Lanny help him track down an elusive Bigfoot that might be living in the local park?"--Dust jacket.

Mysterious creatures

fact or fiction?
While people understand much about the natural world today, there are still stories of cryptic creatures that captivate the thoughts of many worldwide. What would it be like to be a part of one of these experiences with the unknown? Imaginative stories with rich details and dialogue, in addition to graphic novel-inspired illustrations, make readers feel like they are a part of dramatic encounters with legendary beings. These high-interest creatures include Bigfoot in his various forms, ghosts, and aliens. Intriguing plots are supplemented with introductions that include history, maps, and primary sources. This title is sure to inspire a lasting interest in reading stories of mystery and intrigue.

Tracking cryptids with tech

Provides an inside look at all the high-tech gear used to hunt for elusive cryptids, including sonar, night-vision goggles, and drones.

The haunting of Loch Ness Castle

While visiting Nessie's home, Loch Ness Castle, Bigfoot and Nessie encounter a ghost and Nessie stands up to her overbearing mother.

The art of getting noticed

Bigfoot is the only one in his family who does not like having the spotlight on him, and finds a friend in Nessie who is equally desperate to get away from all the cameras.

Martian ghost centaur

"The town of Southborough used to be a major tourism destination, drawing folks from all over in the hopes they'd spot the famous Sasquatch. A tech company called decides to begin buying up places all over town in order to build their techie headquarters, driving out all the local townspeople. Louie and her best friend Felix decide they'll do whatever it takes to save the town from losing all the people and places that make it special. In hopes that convincing people the Sasquatch is real and to drive back tourism, Louie and Felix plan an elaborate hoax"--.

The gremlin's shoes

Determined to buy a Marvelous Monster Magnet, Hugo and Boone set out to earn the money on an adventure through the woods, where they meet some interesting new friends.

The Cryptid Club

"Lily knows better than to listen to the gossip her little brother, Henry, has heard, but when her school newspaper needs a big headline, the rumor that Bigfoot has been spotted is the best lead she's got. But when claw marks appear on the football equipment and excessive animal hair starts clogging-up the gym showers, Lily knows she can't be afraid. This is her opportunity to break the story wide-open. But can Lily, Henry, and Oliver, the neighbor-kid they're babysitting, discover what Bigfoot wants before it's too late?"--Provided by publisher.

Can you track down Bigfoot?

an interactive monster hunt
In this plot-your-own story book, the reader who wants to be a monster hunter follows the clues to find Bigfoot, or a Yeti, or the Florida Skunk Ape.

Bigfoot takes the field

Super sleuth Lily, her younger brother Henry, and their peculiar, but lovable, neighbor Oliver must band together to figure out if Bigfoot is really hiding out at their school. In graphic novel format.


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