missing persons

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missing persons

Poppy and the mane mania

"Poppy and her friends are getting super-fancy hairdos for a big party! But when a Troll goes missing, the hairdos are put on hold while she and her friends set off on a wild adventure through the forest. Will they find their friend and make it back in time for the party? And what about their hair?"--Back cover.

One of us is back

A member of the Bayview Crew disappears and everyone feels like they could be next, but the situation suddenly worsens when someone unexpectedly returns to Bayview.

Invisible son

After spending two months in a juvenile detention center for a crime he did not commit, seventeen-year-old Andre Jackson returns home and tries to adapt to a Covid-19 world and find his missing best friend.

Mysteries uncovered

true stories of the paranormal and unexplained
Contains true stories about UFO activity, extraterrestrial encounters, disappearances, and more.

Incredible doom

"Samir finds that life as a teenage runaway isn't all he thought it would be; Allison spirals trying to impress her new 'friends,' Tina considers leaving town to follow a passionate new connection, and Richard faces down a volatile classmate with a score to settle"--Provided by publisher.

The mapmakers

Cordelia Hatmaker has saved England from war, but danger is lurking around every corner, and she must convince the rival Maker families to work together for once--not only to bring her father home, but also to save the very essence of magic itself.

Worth a thousand words

Ever since a car accident left Tillie Green with lasting painful injuries, she's hidden behind her camera. She watches her family and classmates through the lens, tracking down misplaced items and spotting the small details that tell a much bigger story than people usually see. But she isn't prepared for class clown Jake Hausmann's request: to find his father."--Publisher's description.

The Amazon

A research trip to the Amazon rainforest turns into a dangerous mystery when Ring and Asia Wilde's scientist mother goes missing, and in order to rescue her, they must use their skills to survive the jungle.

Vampiric vacation

Aunt Saffronia drops the Sinister-Winterbottoms off at the Sanguine Spa, which is possibly owned by vampires, and where the children must complete the tasks they have been given, if they are to see their parents again.

Cosmos Camp

Twin sisters and budding geniuses Wiki and Leen Ellison have never been apart, but this summer Leen is going to Cosmos Camp and secretly Wiki is looking forward to being alone--but when the camp founder disappears both girls are recruited to solve the mystery before his newest invention goes terribly wrong.


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