The ruined

"In the aftermath of a deadly skirmish on the border of the Winter and Summer Courts, Bastien now finds himself entrenched among the Winter Court survivors hidden deep within the mountain. From this ancient seat of the Sylvan Wyld, he begins to truly understand the destruction wrought by the summer fey on his brethren. The dying wish of Sunan, the famed illusionist and hero of the Winter Court, is for Bastien to take his rightful place and assume responsibility for the Sylvan Wyld and bring an end to the war with the Summer Court and Lady Silla of the Sylvan Vale. To do this, Bastien will be granted access to the most powerful--and most coveted--artifact in all the fey realms. But it may come at a great cost. Taking on this role will put him at odds with his love, Celine, and her mother, Lady Silla. Overwhelmed by loss, Celine wants nothing more than to return to an easier time and be among her friends and loved ones in New Orleans, safely ensconced within the Court of the Lions--not contemplating the possibility of taking her mother's place as the queen of the Summer Court, the same court Bastien wants her to abandon to stand by his side in the Sylvan Wyld. But she doesn't believe she should have to give up her own power for anyone, even Bastien--putting them on opposite sides of a brewing bloody war. May the bloodthirstiest one win"--Provided by publisher.

G.P. Putnam's Sons


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