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Heroic heart

an illustrated biography of Joe Delaney
A moving illustrated biography of the late Joe Delaney, an NFL star in the making who valued helping others above all else On the football field, Joe Delaney possessed all the qualities of a great running back.

Louise Bourgeois

she saw the world as a textured tapestry
Meet famous French American painter, printmaker, and sculptor Louise Bourgeois. Step into her life and learn what led her to explore her fears and emotions through her art. Learn all about her family and what inspired her to create her large spider sculptures. Have a go at producing your own art inspired by your dreams.

Love is in the air

the story of aviation pioneer Nancy Harkness Love
A picture book biography about Nancy Harkness Love, the first female to serve for the Army Air Force and instrumental in founding the Women's Airforce Service Pilots (WASPS) in World War II.

I am Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Before Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was the judge, she was a young Jewish girl growing up in Brooklyn, inspired by books, past female trailblazers, and her mother to make the world a better, more just place to be. So even when people turned her away--for being a girl and for being Jewish; she never stopped fighting for equal treatment for everyone by pushing back against unjust laws and the beliefs around them.

Lion on the inside

how one girl changed basketball
"The bouncing of the ball is the beating of my heart. But my faith is my heart, too. Bilqis eats, sleeps and breathes basktebal bounce, pas, shooe -- SWISH! Sheh breaks record after recod -- all while staying true to her faith and wearing her hijab when she plays. But just as she's ready to launch her professional career, Bilqis's dream is shattered by a rule that forces her to make an impossible choise: play basketball without her hijab, or don't play at all. Written in free verse, this inspiring true story follows Bilqis Abdul-Qaadir on her journey to becoming an elite basketball player and fierce advocate for change in her beloved sport.

Good books for bad children

the genius of Ursula Nordstrom
A picture book biography of legendary children's book editor, Ursula Nordstrom.

Nothing could stop her

the courageous life of Ruth Gruber
"Ruth Gruber, born in to a Jewish American family in 1911, was drawn to adventure and driven to fight injustice throughout her eventful seven-decade career as a journalist"--.

A tulip in winter

a story about folk artist Maud Lewis
Known for her vibrant and cheerful paintings of landscapes, plants, and animals, Maud Lewis's iconic folk art is celebrated around the world. Despite her beautiful art, she spent much of her life living in poverty with rheumatoid arthritis. In this stunning picture book, author Kathy Stinson and illustrator Lauren Soloy bring Maud's world to life: how she captured in her art what she loved most, while navigating the mobility issues caused by her condition. From bright paintings of the sea and countryside, to the flowers and birds she painted on the walls of the small house she shared with her husband, Maud's work continues to delight and inspire viewers young and old.

Alvin Ailey

Introduce your child to one of the most influential African American dancers and choreographers in history with the children's book Alvin Ailey, part of the Leaders Like Us series. Who was Alvin Ailey? Explores Alvin's cultural and groundbreaking contributions to dance, choreography, and Broadway theater.

Carrie Underwood

An elementary introduction to the life, work, and popularity of Carrie Underwood, an American country western singer known for her American Idol victory.


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