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Cuz, or, The life and times of Michael A.

"The author relates how her cousin was imprisoned at the age of fifteen for attempted carjacking and how she took him in upon his release, only to lose him to the deadly streets of South Central L.A."--OCLC.

The stranger in the woods

the extraordinary story of the last true hermit
"The true story of a man who lived alone in the woods of Maine for 27 years"

Craig & Fred

a Marine, a stray dog, and how they rescued each other
"In 2010 Sergeant Craig Grossi was doing intelligence work for Marine Recon in a remote part of Afghanistan. While on patrol, he spotted a young stray dog 'with a big goofy head and little legs.' Fred not only stole Craig's heart; he won over the Recon fighters, who helped smuggle the dog into Camp Leatherneck. Fred eventually made it to Craig's family in Virginia, where months later, it was Fred's turn to save Craig's life"--OCLC.


a long way home
Saroo Brierley discusses his life as an adopted boy living in Tasmania and his time spent finding his birth family in India.

The women who built Hollywood

12 trailblazers in front of and behind the camera
Twelve diverse actors, directors, writers, editors, designers, and producers fought against sexism, racism and prejudice to have their voices heard and changed the industry forever.

Margaret Thatcher

shaping the new conservatism

I take my coffee black

reflections on Tupac, musical theater, faith, and being black in America
"As a 6'2" dreadlocked black man, Tyler Merritt knows that getting too close to the wrong person can get him killed. But he also believes that proximity can be a cure for racism. Tyler Merritt's video "Before You Call the Cops" has been viewed more than 59 million times. He's appeared on Jimmy Kimmel and Sports Illustrated and has been profiled in the New York Times. The viral video's main point--that the more you know someone, the more empathy, understanding, and compassion you have for that person--is the springboard for this book, which lets us deeply into Tyler's life and his world to help bridge the divides that seem to grow wider every day. In I Take My Coffee Black, Tyler tells hilarious stories from his own life as a black man in America. He talks about growing up in a multi-cultural community and realizing that he wasn't always welcome. He shares how he quit sports for musical theater (that's where the girls were), to how Jesus barged in uninvited and changed his life forever (it all revolved around a Triple Fat Goose jacket), to how he ended up at a small Bible college in Santa Cruz because he thought they had a great theater program (they didn't). Throughout his stories, he also seamlessly weaves in lessons about privilege and the legacy of lynching and sharecropping and why you don't cross black mamas, teaching readers about the history of encoded racism that still undergirds our society today. By turns witty, insightful, and laugh-out-loud funny, I Take My Coffee Black paints a portrait of black manhood in America and enlightens, illuminates, and entertains--and, ultimately, builds the kind of empathy that might just be the antidote against the racial injustice in our society. With a foreword from Jimmy Kimmel"--.

Hedy Lamarr

"Young Hedy Lamarr was fascinated with machines. She love to sit with her father and hear all about scientific theories. A gifted musician and actress, she soon found fame on the stage, but her scientific curiosity never stopped. Electronics, chemistry, engineering--whatever Hedy put her mind to, she came up with ingenious inventions, blazing a trail for women in science and making great strides towards science. As well as a glittering film career, Hedy developed technology that formed the basis of Wifi and Bluetooth used in our world day"--OCLC.

Alexander von Humboldt

Presents an illustrated introduction to the life of explorer and naturalist, Alexander von Humboldt.

Kalpana Chawla

Introduces readers to the life of the first Indian-American astronaut, Kalpana Chawla.


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