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Harry Styles

A biography covering the life and career of pop singer Harry Styles.

Ed Sheeran

A biography covering the life and career of pop musician Ed Sheeran.


A biography covering the life and career of pop music star Adele.

Patrick Mahomes

Looks at the life and career of football player Patrick Mahomes.

Justice Ketanji

the story of US Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson
"United States Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson knew from the very beginning that 'You can do anything. You can be anything.' Driven by those powerful words and her parents' love, Ketanji refused to let naysayers stop her from rising to the top. Her perseverance and her wits led her to become the first Black woman to become a US district judge and eventually the first Black female US Supreme Court justice"--Provided by publisher.

Who is LeBron James?

Read about the incredible life and career of LeBron James.

Duke Ellington

legendary composer and bandleader
"Celebrates the life of a musical genius [Duke Ellington], detailing hundreds of his compositions and uncountable concert appearances"--OCLC.

My life with Charlie Brown

Collects autobiographical articles, book introductions, lectures, and other pieces of writing that examine the life and "Peanuts" comic strip of Charles Schulz.

Phillis Wheatley chooses freedom

history, poetry, and the ideals of the American Revolution
"[Tells] the dramatic story of Phillis Wheatley, an African-American poet who refused to marry a man she had never met and return with him to Africa as a missionary. She was enslaved in Africa as a child and transported to Boston, where she was sold to an evangelical family. Agreeing to the proposed marriage--arranged by Congregationalist minister Samuel Hopkins--would have echoed the social mores of the time, particularly those for enslaved black women. However, due to her prodigious talents as a poet, Wheatley won her freedom a year prior to Hopkins' arrangement, allowing her to take her future into her own hands"--OCLC.

Geronimo and Sitting Bull

leaders of the legendary west
"Which Native American leader left the most lasting legacy, Geronimo or Sitting Bull? Most Americans and many people worldwide have heard these two famous names. Today, however, the general public knows little about the lives of these great leaders. During the second half of the nineteenth century when they opposed white intrusion and expansion into their territories, just the mention of their names could spark fear or anger. After they surrendered to the army and lived in captivity, they evoked curiosity and sympathy for the plight of the American Indian. Author Bill Markley offers a thoughtful and entertaining examination of these legendary lives in this new joint biography of these two great leaders"--Provided by publisher.


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