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Pandora's box

Presents a graphic novel that tells the ancient Greek legend of Pandora and the chaos she unleashes when she opens up the mysterious box.

The first moon landing

Provides an account of the Apollo 11 mission in July 1969 during which astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first men to walk on the moon, and includes background on the U.S. space program. Presented in graphic format.


the life of a Roman gladiator
Presents a graphic biography of Spartacus, and chronicles early Rome and the Roman Republic, Roman expansion, gladiators, and Spartacus's uprising which nearly brought down Rome.

Elizabeth I

the life of England's Renaissance queen
Presents a graphic biography of Queen Elizabeth I of England, and chronicles her rise to power in 1558, the royal House of Tudor, and the passing of the English throne to the Stuarts in 1603.


the life of an Egyptian queen
Presents a graphic biography of Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt,and chronicles her rise to power, the Ptolemaic dynasty, and relationship with Julius Caesar.

Alexander the Great

the life of a king and conqueror
Presents a graphic biography of Alexander the Great that follows his conquests and rise to power after the death of his father Philip II, and provides a short history of his empire and the division of the land after his own death.

Abraham Lincoln

the life of America's sixteenth president
Examines the life of Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth president of the United States who led the country in civil war in an effort to end slavery and preserve the Union. Presented in graphic novel form.


alien abduction and close encounters
Presents three stories of UFOs and alien abductions written in graphic novel format including "The Roswell Incident," "The Abduction of Travis Walton," and "The Varginha Invasion.".
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Christopher Columbus

the life of a master navigator and explorer
Examines the life of Christopher Columbus, the fifteenth-century Italian explorer who is credited with discovering the New World while trying to reach India by sailing west. Presented in graphic novel form.

George Washington

the life of an American patriot
Examines the life of George Washington, a military leader during the American Revolution who went on to be named the first president of the new country. Presented in graphic novel form.


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