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Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's library

the graphic novel
"Twelve-year-old Kyle gets to stay overnight in the new town library, designed by his hero (the famous gamemaker Luigi Lemoncello), with other students but finds that come morning he must work with friends to solve puzzles in order to escape.".

A day in the life of an astronaut, Mars, and the distant stars

"From the creators of A Day in the Life of a Poo, a Gnu, and You comes an encyclopedic glance at all things outer space and makes a hilarious and informative guide for curious young readers. Blast off for a day in the life of space and the people (and animals!) who have explored it. From hilarious comics to secret diaries and detailed diagrams, there are tons of things to discover and fantastic facts to learn.".

Plant life cycles

A graphic nonfiction volume that introduces various plant life cycles, including seed plant reproduction, asexual reproduction, cross-pollination, and germination.

Animal life cycles

A graphic nonfiction volume that introduces various animal life cycles, including birds, amphibians, butterflies, and mammals.

Yaqui Delgado wants to kick your ass

the graphic novel
It's the beginning of sophomore year, and Piedad "Piddy" Sanchez is having a hard time adjusting to her new high school. Things don't get any easier when Piddy learns that Yaqui Delgado hates her and wants to kick her ass. Piddy doesn't even know who Yaqui is, never mind what she's done to piss her off. Rumor has it that Yaqui thinks Piddy is stuck-up, shakes her stuff when she walks, and isn't Latina enough with her white skin, good grades, and no accent. And Yaqui isn't kidding around, so Piddy better watch her back. At first, Piddy is more concerned with learning about the father she's never met, navigating her rocky relationship with her mom, and staying in touch with her best friend, Mitzi. But when the harassment escalates, avoiding Yaqui and her gang takes over Piddy's life. Is there any way for Piddy to survive without closing herself off from those who care about her--or running away? More relevant than ever a decade after its initial publication, Mel Valentine Vargas's graphic novel adaptation of Meg Medina's ultimately empowering story is poised to be discovered by a new generation of readers.

Tristan Strong punches a hole in the sky

Tristan finds himself in the middle of a battle that has left Black American folk heroes John Henry and Brer Rabbit exhausted. In order to get back home, Tristan and these new allies will need to entice the god Anansi, the Weaver, to come out of hiding and seal the hole in the sky. But bartering with the trickster Anansi always comes at a price.

The big cheese

When Figgy and Boone find a big wheel of cheese, they try to push it up the hill to their house. They work together, but it keeps rolling down the hill. Then they get an idea to use teamwork; and sharing; to save the day!.

The girl who sang

a Holocaust memoir of hope and survival
"When the Nazis invade her small Polish town, Enia Feld is separated from her family and forced into hiding and at the mercy of her neighbors, in this . . . graphic memoir of survival and rediscovering your song during the Holocaust"--BTCat.

Mapmakers and the enchanted mountain

Alidade, Lewis, and Blue encounter a young boy named Cado, who brings them to his hidden Mountain village where his people are suffering from a mysterious illness, and Alidade, determined to prove her worth as a Mapmaker, tries to bring balance and magic to the Mountain.

Gamayun tales

an anthology of Modern Russian folk tales
"In The King of Birds, a quarrel between a mouse and a sparrow over a golden apple leads to a civil war. In The Water Spirit, an unwitting merchant is tested and tricked by powerful creature. Then it's a race against time in Tyna of the Lake as a young boy must find a willing ally to help escape a water doom"--Back cover.


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