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When the villainous Sir Ogre unleashes his evil army on Carbuncle, a land of endless rainbows and sugar-sprinkled donuts, Punycorn, a small, athletically challenged unicorn, and a motley group of misfits are Carbuncle's only hope!.


go to Wizard's Wharf
"The most lovable--yet unlikely--pair of besties is back! Pickles decides it's time to make good on an IOU that Albert forgot he gave him four years ago and request that they take a trip to Wizard's Wharf! Albert begrudingly agrees to accompany his best friend, but amusement parks aren't really his thing. Pickles is determiend to make Albert feel the magic around him, but even after exploring all the rides, games, mazes, and prizes that Wiard's Wharf has to offer, Albert still isn't as wowed by this environment as his friend is. Albert doesn't want his practicality to ruin his buddy's IOU day, so they continue exploring the park and run into their friend and neighbor Platters, who's working as a ride mechanic. Platters offers to take them on a tour of a top-secret ride that's still under construction, but when the ride has a slight malfunction and the three of them are separated, Albert and PIckles will have to rely on how well they know each other--and maybe even a little magic--to help them find their way out."--Back cover.

Guardians of Horsa

Marked for magic
There is a secret battle raging in the clouds high above the landlocked realm of Horsa.

The Naysayers

In the second installment of the action-packed Guardians of Horsa graphic novel series, not everyone believes in the mission the Guardians are fighting for...and the Naysayers are prepared to fight back.

Legend of the yearling

Welcome to the realm of Horsa, a world of magic, wild horses, and danger. The four elemental herds of Horsa live in uncertain peace, which is to say: stay out of each other's way and all will be fine. But when signs of a mysterious prophecy about a yearling with untold magical powers appear, four young horses from each herd are called to action. Now these elemental enemies must work together to solve the prophecy, find the yearling, and restore balance to Horsa.

Dribble trip up

a basketball graphic novel
Miguel is great at shooting. But he's not so great when it comes to dribbling. He can't take his eyes off the ball because he's afraid he'll lose it. Or worse, that he'll trip up! With practice, can Miguel master his fear and the skill? Told through accessible text and easy-to-follow paneling, young basketball fans will cheer for this Slam Dunk Graphics tale.

Legendary legends of legendarious achievery

Based on the global hit Clash of Clans and penned by superstar graphic novelist Gene Luen Yang, this second volume of a new action-packed series brings the characters from everyone's favorite mobile gaming sensation to life! Once upon a time, archers Jane and Angie were best friends who did everything together. That is, until, one day during battle Jane found herself stranded and alone in an otherworldly cave where she stumbled upon a mysterious scroll...with an even more mysterious message. Continuing the epic graphic novel series set in the world of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, Gene Luen Yang pens an offbeat and action-packed tale that turns the fantasy-adventure genre on its head!.

Flavor girls

"Naoko, Camille, and V are the FLAVOR GIRLS, Sacred Fruit Guardians of Earth! They defend the earth from the threat of ever-looming Agarthians, whose motives regarding earth and humanity are still unknown. Sara, just a U.N. applicant trying her best to help, finds herself in over her head when she???s thrown into this crisis in a way she never could have imagined! As the Flavor Girls hone their sacred fruit powers with their master Himiko, can their newest member help them save the planet from impending destruction?"--.

The cardboard kingdom

snow and sorcery
"The kids of the Cardboard Kingdom go on a new adventure! This time, they are in search of new friends--but what they discover is a lot more like enemies... It's winter break in the Cardboard Kingdom, and kids from the town across the park want to play together! But according to the evil Sorceress, not just anyone can join the kingdom... So it's not long before the two communities spiral into battle. Will the Sorceress realize the error of her ways before all hope is lost? Will friendship still manage to win the day?"

The secret of the ravens

Twin homeless orphans Elliot and Liza take part in the Raven Quests--magical tasks that when completed promise the victors untold riches--but when a quest goes terribly wrong and Liza is poisoned, Elliot sacrifices everything to find the cure.


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