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Tales of the talented tenth

Tells the story of Robert Smalls, a slave steamboat wheelman who navigated past Confederate forts in South Carolina and became one of the Civil War's greatest heroes.

K is in trouble

"K tries to get through his days, but is beset by talking fish, absurd adults, flocks of destructive crows, and detention"--Provided by publisher.

Amelia Earhart

a graphic novel
"This graphic novel tells the story of Ameila Earhart, the first women to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean"--OCLC.

Dolly Parton

a graphic novel
"A graphic novel biography of [country singer] Dolly Parton"--OCLC.

Los tipos malos en el peor d?a del mundo

"All hail Crown Prince Marmalade! Surrender to his evil magnificence! Kneel before his butt-handed glory! Or. . .like. . .don't! The Bad Guys and even Badder Girls might have been knocked down, but does that mean they'll stay down? No way, chicos! Pull on your party pants--it's the ultimate battle between Bad and Baaaaaad!"--Provided by publisher.

Design a game!

"Siblings Shen, Shondra, and Shontoya arrive at Ludum Omega Summer Camp with a passion for games, and Professor Zephyr is excited to teach this year's students all about the art and science of game design! What makes a game fun? What kinds of games are out there? How can designers turn an okay game into a great one? With Maker Comics: Design a Game! as your guide, you'll play and modify classic games and learn how to build and test a prototype of a new game that's all your own!"--.

Secrets of the Silent Witch

"Monica Everett is the Silent Witch, the only mage in the world who has mastered the art of unchanted magecraft. But Monica hides a secret: The reason she learned to use magic without speaking is merely because of her extreme shyness. Until now, she's been content living a peaceful life hidden away in the mountains, but an unexpected visit from a colleague brings her a task more daunting than any other"--Back cover.

One cool duck

King of cool
"Duck is feeling pretty good about himself. He can flip on a skateboard, and he's a great friend, too. Then Cat comes along and seems so cool, with his high scores on video games--but Cat also does some mean stuff nobody likes! Then Cat gets caught up a tree and needs help. In three short chapters, perfect for readers just gaining confidence, Duck and his pals show Cat that being cool includes helping others and not dissing your friends. Each character has a distinct way of speaking, and readers will love learning how to read and pronounce entertaining slang expression from the fifties and other "cool" eras"--provided by publisher.


"A new girl at school. A mysterious crow. Weird visions he can't explain. Grade 12 just got a lot more complicated for Damon Quinn"--OCLC.

Peter Parker & Miles Morales

"Miles Morales is Peter Parker's friend, super-hero namesake, crimefighting ally and. . .sidekick?! No way! Peter has dragged Miles to 'Take your sidekick to work day,' and Miles is not amused--they're both Spider-Man! So when Peter makes a mistake that unleashes villainous shenanigans on New York City, it's up to Miles to save the day--and prove exactly which Spider-Man is the true sidekick!"--Provided by publisher.


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