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21st century

Juan Soto

"In 2019, nineteen-year-old outfielder Juan Soto helped the Washington Nationals win the World Series. Read about Soto's journey from the Dominican Republic to Washington, D.C., and see what the future holds for the young superstar"--.

The four tests

what it will take to keep America strong and good
"An authoritative, illuminating look at America's future and the "tests" the United States must meet to maintain leadership and power in the 21st century-from the former US Ambassador to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe"--.

The death of public school

how conservatives won the war over education in America
"Conservatives have succeeded in establishing their vision of education in America, one in which government funds can be used to pay for both public and private schools. As a result, the very meaning of public education in the United States has shifted away from the idea of a universal good. To understand how we got here, The Death of Public School argues, we must look back at the turbulent history of school choice. The Death of Public School tells the rich and surprising story about the people, unusual political alliances, and philanthropic interests that have fueled the rise of the school choice movement over the last 70 years. Drawing on two decades of experience as an education reporter, Fitzpatrick traces the origins of school choice in the modern era from Milton Friedman, a Nobel Prize-winning economist who helped lead a revival of conservatism in the 20th century, to the present day, in which conservatives are propelling the spread of choice options, such as charter schools, school vouchers, and tax-credit scholarships. Fitzpatrick paints rich portraits of people from various political and cultural backgrounds-from free-market conservatives to Catholic priests to white segregationists in the South to Black parents in urban school systems-who, in pursuit of their vision of education, linked arms with individuals across the aisle"--.


the evolution of warfare from 1945 to Ukraine
"A history of the evolution of warfare up to Putin's invasion of Ukraine and [an] analysis of what we must learn from the past in order to navigate--and, in the future, anticipate--an increasingly perilous world"--Provided by publisher.

American shield

the immigrant sergeant who defended democracy
"Aquilino Gonell came to the United States from the Dominican Republic as a young boy. Although he spoke no English, he dedicated himself to his adopted land, striving for the American dream. Determined to be a success story, he joined the army to pay for college. He saw action in Iraq and returned home with PTSD. Believing in the promise of our government, he focused on healing himself and supporting his family. His hard work paid off when he landed a coveted position with the United States Capitol Police and rose to the rank of sergeant. January 6, 2021, changed everything. When insurrectionists stormed the Capitol, Gonell bravely faced down the mob attempting to thwart the peaceful transfer of power. The brutal injuries he sustained that day would end his career in law enforcement. But when some of the very people he put his life on the line to protect downplayed or denied the truth of that day, he chose to speak out against the injustice done to him and the country. Chronicling what it means to live a life of conviction, one that adheres to the best ideas of our democracy, American Shield is a bold testament to the power of truth, justice, and accountability from a highly decorated officer and immigrant who exemplifies the greatest aspirations of a grateful nation"--.

Hold the line

the insurrection and one cop's battle for America's soul
"An urgent warning about the growing threat to our democracy from a twenty-year police veteran and former diehard Trump supporter who nearly lost his life during the insurrection of January 6th. When Michael Fanone self-deployed to the Capitol on January 6, 2021, he had no idea his life was about to change. When he got to the front of the line, he urged his fellow officers to hold it against the growing crowd of insurrectionists-until he found himself pulled into the mob, tased until he had a heart attack, and viciously beaten with a Blue Lives Matter flag as shouts to kill him rang out. Now, Fanone is ready to tell the full story of that fateful day, along with exploring our country's most critical issues as someone who has had firsthand experience with many of them. A self-described redneck who voted for Trump in 2016, Fanone's closest friend was an informant-a Black, transgender, HIV-positive woman who has helped him mature and rethink his methods as a police officer. With his unique insight as an undercover detective and intense desire to do the right thing no matter the cost, Fanone provides a nuanced look into everything from policing to race to politics in a way that is accessible across all party lines. Determined to make sure no one forgets what happened at the Capitol on January 6th, Fanone has written a timely call to action for anyone who wants to preserve our democracy for future generations"--.

The precipice

existential risk and the future of humanity
"Drawing on over a decade of research, ... [the author] explores the cutting-edge science behind the risks we face. It puts them in the context of the greater story of humanity: showing how ending these risks is among the most pressing moral issues of our time. And it points the way forward, to the actions and strategies that can safeguard humanity"--Provided by publisher.


why America hasn't put a woman in the White House--yet
"A fearless deep dive into the 2020 election from former MSNBC "Road Warrior" and now NBC Capitol Hill correspondent Ali Vitali, who covered the campaign trail every step of the way--investigating the gendered double standards placed on women presidential candidates of that cycle and those who came before, and what it will take for a woman to finally break the glass ceiling and win the White House"--Provided by publisher.

Call us what we carry

The presidential inaugural poet--and new voice in American poetry--presents a collection of poems that includes the poem read at the inauguration of the forty-sixth President of the United States.

Burning questions

essays and occasional pieces, 2004-2021
"From . . . Margaret Atwood comes a . . . collection of nonfiction . . . [essays] which grapples with such wide-ranging topics as: Why do people everywhere, in all cultures, tell stories? How do we get rid of the immense amount of plastic that's littering our seas and lands? How much of yourself can you give away without evaporating? Is science fiction now writing us? So what if beauty is only skin deep? What do zombies have to do with authoritarianism? Is it true? And is it fair? In over fifty pieces, taken from lectures, autobiographical essays, book reviews, cultural criticism, obituaries, and new introductions to her own body of work (including The Handmaid's Tale thirty years after its initial publication) as well as that of other writers, we watch Atwood aim her . . . intellect and . . . humor at the world, and report back to us on what she finds. From asking what society's youth expects from its elders (2004), to pondering the philosophical underpinnings of debt (2008, not surprisingly), to encountering a mysterious new platform called Twitter (2009), to asking if it is, in fact, too late to save the planet (2015) or what forces have been unleashed in the age of Trump (2016), and culminating in a . . . meditation on grief and poetry in the wake of her own loss (2020)"--Provided by publisher.


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