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21st century

Ain't burned all the bright

"A smash up of art and text that viscerally captures what it is to be Black. In America. Right Now"--Provided by publisher.

Across the river

life, death, and football in an American city
"A . . . true story of a New Orleans high school football team and their head coach's mission to protect his players' lives"--Provided by publisher.

Cramm this book

so you know WTF is going on in the world today
"A guide to the recent history of the world that's led to where we are today, so Gen Z readers can have context for the news they see and hear every day"--Provided by publisher.

The Hope Raisers

how a group of young Kenyans fought to transform their slum and inspire a community
". . . follows Daniel, Mutura, and Lucy as they fight to transform their slum through art and skating. . . . [Addresses] African culture, female empowerment, and creating sustainable change in developing countries"--Provided by publisher.

Slaves among us

the hidden world of human trafficking
Monique Villa shows us the world of slaves-no longer physically in chains-who walk among us, trapped in a cycle of exploitation. Her moving book, giving voice to survivors of this horrific trade, vividly illustrates dire situations we can do something about.

On the move

home is where you find it
"Michael Rosen and Sir Quentin Blake join forces for a . . . new collection, focusing on migration and displacement. Michael's poems are divided into four: in the first series, he draws on his childhood as part of a first-generation Polish family living in London; in the second, on his perception of the War as a young boy; in the third, on his 'missing' relatives and the Holocaust; and in the fourth, and final, on global experiences of migration. By turns charming, shocking and heart-breaking, this is an anthology with a story to tell and a powerful point to make: 'You can only do something now'"--BTCat.

Black artists shaping the world

"Introduces young readers to twenty-six contemporary artists from Africa and of African descent, working in everything from painting, sculpture, and drawing--to ceramics, installation art, and sound art"--Provided by publisher.

Racial injustice

"This book explains what racial injustice is and covers historical and current examples of racism along with reactions such as the George Floyd protests"--.

Amanda Gorman

groundbreaking poet
Whether writing for herself or speaking to the nation, Amanda Gorman shares her powerful voice. She also helps others speak about what matters most to them. Find out what drives the first National Youth Poet Laureate and the youngest inaugural poet.

The ground breaking

an American city and its search for justice
"[An] account of the ongoing investigation into the Tulsa race massacre. In the late spring of 1921, Tulsa, Oklahoma, erupted into the worst single incident of racial violence in American history. Over the course of sixteen hours, mobs of white men and women looted and burned to the ground a prosperous African American community, known today as Black Wall Street. More than one thousand homes and businesses were destroyed, and scores, possibly hundreds, of people lost their lives. Then, for nearly a half century, the story of the massacre was actively suppressed. Official records disappeared, history textbooks ignored the tragedy, and citizens were warned to keep silent. Now nearly one hundred years after that horrible day, [the author] returns to his hometown to tell the untold story of how America's foremost hidden racial tragedy was finally brought to light, and the unlikely cast of characters that made it happen. Part true-crime saga, part archaeological puzzle, and part investigative journalism, [this book] weaves in and out of recent history, the distant past, and the modern day to tell a compelling story of a city-and a nation-struggling to come to terms with the dark corners of its past"--Provided by publisher.


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