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It's not magic

Presents a collection of poems by American poet, Jon Sands.


the epic intelligence war between East and West
"Spies is the history of the secret war that Russia and the West have been waging for a century. Espionage, sabotage, and subversion were the Kremlin's means to equalize the imbalance of resources between the East and West before, during, and after the Cold War. There was nothing "unprecedented" about Russian meddling in the 2016 US presidential election. It was simply business as usual, new means used for old ends. The Cold War started long before 1945. But the West fought back after World War II, mounting its own shadow war, using disinformation, vast intelligence networks, and new technologies against the Soviet Union. Spies is an inspiring, engrossing story of the best and worst of mankind: bravery and honor, treachery and betrayal. The narrative shifts across continents and decades, from the freezing streets of St. Petersburg in 1917 to the bloody beaches of Normandy; from coups in faraway lands to present-day Moscow where troll farms, synthetic bots, and weaponized cyber-attacks being launched on the woefully unprepared West. It is about the rise and fall of eastern superpowers: Russia's past and present and the global ascendance of China. Mining hitherto secret archives in multiple languages, Calder Walton shows that the Cold War started earlier than commonly assumed, that it continued even after the Soviet Union's collapse in 1991, and that Britain and America's clandestine struggle with the Soviet government provides key lessons for countering China today. This fresh reading of history, combined with practical takeaways for our current great power struggles, make Spies a unique and essential addition to the history of the Cold War and the unrolling conflict between the United States and China that will dominate the 21st century"--.

What is Black Lives Matter?

"Tells the history of a political and social movement that advocates for non-violent civil disobedience and protests against incidents of police brutality--and all racially motivated violence--against Black people"--Provided by publisher.


Presents a collection of poems by Australian poet, Erin Hanson.

Cuz, or, The life and times of Michael A.

"The author relates how her cousin was imprisoned at the age of fifteen for attempted carjacking and how she took him in upon his release, only to lose him to the deadly streets of South Central L.A."--OCLC.

The art of contemporary China

"Contemporary Chinese art is a subject of sustained and growing significance in present-day culture across the globe. This new volume in the 'World of Art' series reframes Chinese art since the end of China's Cultural Revolution more than four decades ago, placing it in the context of the nation's unprecedented cultural, political, and urban transformation. Based on original research by writer, curator, and leading scholar in the field of contemporary Chinese art, Jiang Jiehong, this volume explores the area through firsthand materials and in-depth interviews with more than thirty artists. Providing the most up-to-date understanding of contemporary Chinese art, Jiang includes a variety of media, ranging from painting, printmaking, sculpture, and photography to installation, video, performance, and participatory art. Featuring over 150 color images of artworks by more than fifty internationally renowned Chinese artists, including Ai Weiwei and Zhang Peili, as well as emerging artists, such as Zhao Zhao, 'The Art of Contemporary China' presents a wide variety of practices through curatorial discussions and images of original installation views and historical art events" --Amazon.com.


"Through a series of prayers, invocations, and hymns, Syncope eulogizes those who have perished making Central Mediterranean crossings as well as collects first-hand accounts of those who have survived these perilous journeys. Forces of fate brought errant lives together for a hopeful safe passage and ultimately, linked these lives in their untimely deaths. Syncope attempts to shed some light on these lives, as well as the happenstance of living and dying while trying to cross a border."--Provided by publisher.

Black edge

inside information, dirty money, and the quest to bring down the most wanted man on Wall Street
The story of billionaire trader Steven Cohen, the rise and fall of his hedge fund SAC Capital, and the largest insider trading investigation in history.

The coolest Chinese architecture

"China's architecture has always impressed, whether the structure is an ancient temple with perfect symmetry or a modern skyscraper that reflects the passing clouds. In the past century, China's growth as an economic power and its rapid urbanization has demanded ingenuity of architects, who have responded with remarkable designs. This . . . text takes readers on a tour of China's craziest and coolest architectural creations. Through . . . researched text and . . . photographs, they'll discover the . . . dimensions of the New Century Global Center, the intricate ornamentation of Beijing National Stadium, and the record-breaking construction process of the T30 Hotel, among many other . . . facts"--Provided by publisher.

The big book of classic fantasy

the ultimate collection
A compilation of ninety fantasy stories with authors like Mary Shelley, J.R.R. Tolkien, Edith Wharton, Hans Christian Andersen, and more.


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