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See Otto say hi!

Otto does his utmost to befriend a bird.

Sona Sharma

looking after planet earth
When Sona learns about the climate crisis at school, she worries nobody is doing enough to combat it. So she takes up the challenge herself! But her family isn't amused when Sona suddenly gets rid of her sister's diapers and turns off Thatha and Paatti's cooling fan during their nap. Sona finds a better way to implement change, at a family meeting where everyone helps make a list of ways to conserve. Energized, Sona sets her sights on the rest of the neighborhood. When she learns many of the kolams--traditional art that people draw in front of their homes to celebrate the festival season--are not eco-friendly, she makes plans for some even bigger changes. Can Sona convince everyone to get involved--even her own strong-willed grandmother? Charming illustrations bring to life this heartening story and its delightfully eager main character, who is sure to inspire young environmentalists. Back matter includes a vocabulary list and a lesson on how to draw your own kolam.

The three little tardigrades

a slightly scientific fairy tale
Once upon a time there was a mother tardigrade and her three little tardigrades: Gavin . . . Colin . . . and Doug. Gavin, Colin, and Doug live on a cozy little drop of H2O until one day, their mother tells them it???s time for them to leave home. In search for the perfect place to live, the three little tardigrades journey to an underwater ice cave, an erupting volcano, and even the moon! They can survive under extreme conditions, but can they avoid the Hairy Wolf Spider?.

Island snow

Isla's friend Tora is missing the snowy winter she was used to in La Ciudad, so Isla and her animal friends try to come up with ways to cheer her up, and show off the unique magic of Sol.

Pete the cat and the space chase

When Agent Meow (also known as Pete the Cat) discovers an empty alien spaceship and accidentally launches into space, what else will he find?.

You can't be a pterodactyl!

Tommy is determined to be a pterodactyl when he grows up, despite all the naysayers he encounters.

The Cryptid Club

A chupacabra hoopla
Forced to enlist the help of her archenemy, Daisy, when school lunches go missing and starving students begin fighting over the last crumbs, super sleuth Lily must find the culprit before all the kids lose it from hunger!.

The Cryptid Club

A Nessie situation
The Cryptid Club has found its next case. There is strange writing on the bathroom stalls, and someone has stolen all the paper and pens. When a monster starts popping up in every toilet around the school and the principal is forced to close all the bathrooms, Lily, Henry, Oliver, and Ernie must solve the mystery of the Loch Ness monster before the whole school can't hold it in any longer!.

Time to make art

When a little girl asks meaningful questions about creating art, her questions are answered by a diverse group of artists throughout time and history, in this inspiring picture book that encourages young readers to see the artist in themselves.

The perfect pitch

Annabella Donatello loves softball and performing so she is thrilled when she gets cast in the school play, on top of being pitcher of her softball team, but when practice conflicts with opening night of the show she hatches a plan putting her softball and acting skills to the test.


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