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The Stupendous Switcheroo

new powers every 24 hours
The morning of his mom's business trip, Switcheroo wakes up to discover he has telekinesis. Which is super convenient when he has to give his babysitter-robot the slip to fight crime all day. But it's less convenient when he's recruited to fight crime again the next day, only to realize he can no longer move objects with his mind. Instead, he can talk to cats! Fun, but not nearly as useful. A new superpower every day should be exciting, right? What could possibly go wrong?.

La Princesa de Negro

While having hot cocoa with a dutchess, princess Magnolia must sneak away to fight monsters as her alter ego the Princesa de Negro.

The Animal Rescue Agency

case file: Little Claws
When a little polar bear cub winds up trapped on an ice flow heading out to sea, his mother knows there's only one place to turn: the Animal Rescue Agency! Dashing Esquire Fox used to organize the world's most elaborate chicken raids; until the day she encountered Mr. Pepper. Meeting the blustery old rooster changed her heart, convincing her to turn from a life of crime and instead form the Animal Rescue Agency, which masterminds rescue operations across the globe. Esquire and her unlikely chicken business manager coordinate with their far-flung agents to get themselves to the Arctic. In that frozen land they learn what happened to the polar bear cub was no accident--and saving him will pit them against the scariest predator in the world: a human.

Big Nate

Next stop, superstardom!
Features stories from three complete episodes. In ''Til Death Do We Rock,' Big Nate and his Fear The Mollusk bandmates are destined for superstardom; that is, if they can do something about the earsplitting vocals of their lead singer. Nate's always been the front man, but he might have to swallow his ego if he wants his friends to shine.

Search and rescue

A depiction of the 9/11 terrorist attacks against the Pentagon, alternating between a boy caught in the chaos and the rescue dog who's attempting to save him.

Where the lockwood grows

In this dystopian tale, young Erie and her older sister, Hurona, leave the only home they've ever known and discover that the world is much larger and more complicated than they'd ever imagined.

Pizazz vs. Perfecto

Pizazz has faced lots of different bad guys in her superhero career, but there's never been anybody quite like Perfecto. Even though Perfecto is younger than Pizazz and should be less experienced, she always seems to live up her name; carrying out her dastardly plans perfectly! The odds may be stacked against Pizazz, but she has a plan. All she has to do is out-perfect Perfecto! Can Pizazz beat the pint-sized villain at her own game?.

Pizazz vs. the new kid

Pizazz is apprehensive of the new superhero student at her school after he gains instant popularity, but she is forced to work with him to save the world.

Royal crown

Anticipating her sister's coronation, Princess Olivia visits with an American friend, while dealing with her cousin's gossiping about her relationship with Prince Kahlil.

Royal crush

About to turn thirteen, Princess Olivia anticipates the arrival of her sister's twins while dealing with her snobby cousin's complaints about her relationship and her crush on Prince Khalil.


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