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Who was Georgia O'Keeffe?

"Georgia O'Keeffe is famously known for her colorful, large paintings of flowers, but this artist's portfolio expands far beyond Jack-in-the-pulpits. In this book, young readers will learn about O'Keeffe's childhood in Wisconsin and her years as a talented art school teacher. Her years as an artist in both New York and New Mexico, two areas that are heavily represented in her artwork, reveal O'Keeffe's influences. Explore the adventures that inspired O'Keeffe's paintings of skyscrapers, barns, skulls, and flowers, and made her into an American art icon of the twentieth century"--Provided by publisher.

The new teacher revolution

changing education for a new generation of learners
"Today's classroom demands teacher innovation and rejection of outdated practices, especially when someone tells you it's 'always been done' a certain way. In this book, Josh Stumpenhorst details his methods for improving student outcomes with unorthodox thinking [discussing] building relationships built on trust and respect, not fear and punishment; why you need to rethink homework and letter grades ... and how to leverage technology by not treating it as a 'shiny toy,' but rather fully understanding their power as tools for massive progress"--Amazon.com.

Legends of women's basketball

"From the pioneers of the early days of the sport to the superstars of today, [this book] tells the stories of the women who have thrilled and inspired fans both on and off the basketball court"--Provided by publisher.

Americans weren't the first to live on the frontier

exposing myths about the American frontier
"The idea of the American frontier means a lot to many Americans' images of themselves and their country. Everyone has heard stories or watched movies showing tough, brave settlers crossing the continent, daring harsh weather, hostile natives, and rough terrain to nobly 'tame' the frontier and expand the United States"--Provided by publisher.

A place at the table

Sixth-graders Sara, a Pakistani American, and Elizabeth, a Jewish girl, connect in an after school cooking club and bond over food and their mothers' struggles to become United States citizens.

Marvel Avengers

the ultimate character guide
Comprehensive guide to the characters of Earth's mightiest Super Hero team, including more than 200 heroes and villains. It is packed with detailed information on each character's history, stats, abilities, and power ranks, and has been updated to cover new events in the Avengers' world. -- adapted from back cover.

Strange boarders

Recently resettled in America, Adnan Zakaria is a Syrian refugee whose skateboarding ability is the only thing that allows him to make a connection with the other kids in his neighborhood--but when his skateboard disappears and turns up in the possession of a local troublemaker Adnan will have to out-skate his foe in order to win it back.

Gerrit Cole

baseball star
"Describes the life and career of Major League Baseball pitcher Gerrit Cole, including his time with the Pittsburgh Pirates, Houston Astros, and New York Yankees"--Provided by publisher.

Cody Bellinger

baseball star
"Describes the life and career of Major League Baseball star Cody Bellinger, focusing on his time with the Los Angeles Dodgers"--Provided by publisher.

Basketball shoes, shorts, and style

"What does fashion have to do with the game of basketball? More than meets the eye! From shoes, shorts, and headbands to hairstyles and body art, discover the evolution and influence of basketball fashion both on and off the court"--Provided by publisher.


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