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Taylor Swift

Presents an illustrated look at the life of Taylor Swift--the singer and songwriter whose distinctive talent for storytelling has made her one of the biggest superstars in both country and pop music.

The story of Juneteenth

Introduces young children to the origins of America's newest national holiday that distills a pivotal moment in United Stats history.

Deb Haaland

Biography of New York City's first Puerto Rican librarian Pura Belpr?.


Henry Brown mails himself to freedom
"[The author] narrates Henry Brown's story of how he came to ship himself in a box from slavery to freedom. Told in stanzas of six lines each, each line representing one side of a box, and augmented with historical records and excerpts from Henry Brown's own writing"--Provided by publisher.

Dolores Huerta

get to know the voice of migrant workers
Shares the life and work of Delores Huerta, Mexican American migrant agricultural leader.

The heart of the storm

a biography of Sue Bird
"A picture book biography . . . of WNBA Seattle Storm basketball player Sue Bird"--Provided by publisher.

Bold women in history

15 women's rights activists you should know
Short biographies of women who advocated for women's rights.

My name is Phillis Wheatley

a story of slavery and freedom
A novelization of the life and hardships faced by Phillis Wheatley, whose home on the edge of the African desert was destroyed by slave traders, and, after she is sold to Susanna Wheatley, Phillis is taught to read and write poetry.


a Cuban American odyssey /(Graphic Novel)
"A stunning graphic memoir of a childhood in Cuba, coming to America on the Mariel boatlift, and a defense of democracy, here and there Hailed for his iconic art on the cover of Time and on jumbotrons around the world, Edel Rodriguez is among the most prominent political artists of our age. Now for the first time, he draws his own life, revisiting his childhood in Cuba and his family's passage on the infamous Mariel boatlift. When Edel was nine, Fidel Castro announced his surprising decision to let 125,000 traitors of the revolution, or "worms," leave the country. The faltering economy and Edel's family's vocal discomfort with government surveillance had made their daily lives on a farm outside Havana precarious, and they secretly planned to leave. But before that happened, a dozen soldiers confiscated their home and property and imprisoned them in a detention center near the port of Mariel, where they were held with dissidents and criminals before being marched to a flotilla that miraculously deposited them, overnight, in Florida. Through vivid, stirring art, Worm tells a story of a boyhood in the midst of the Cold War, a family's displacement in exile, and their tenacious longing for those they left behind. It also recounts the coming-of-age of an artist and activist, who, witnessing American's turn from democracy to extremism, struggles to differentiate his adoptive country from the dictatorship he fled. Confronting questions of patriotism and the liminal nature of belonging, Edel Rodriguez ultimately celebrates the immigrants, maligned and overlooked, who guard and invigorate American freedom"--.


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