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Escape North

Underground Railroad
The events surrounding the Underground Railroad did not look the same to everyone involved. Step back in time and into the shoes of a slave, a slave owner, and a conductor on the railroad as readers act out scenes that took place in the midst of this historic event.

Harriet Tubman

all aboard the Underground Railroad
Surveys the life of Harriet Tubman, including her childhood in slavery and her later work in helping other slaves escape north to freedom through the Underground Railroad.

Ellis Island and immigration for kids

a history with 21 activities
Explores all angles of immigration and its history in the United States. Readers will learn about the establishment of Ellis Island and its forerunner, Castle Garden, as well as the western immigration station, Angel Island. Along with activities to further enrich kids' knowledge of immigration, this book gives its readers a thorough understanding of its impact on the United States from the earliest arrivals to today.

Dr. Seuss

Photographs and text explore the life and work of American author Dr. Seuss.

Alexander Graham Bell for kids

his life and inventions, with 21 activities
A biography of inventor Alexander Graham Bell that contains 21 hands-on activities.

U.S. Navy aircraft carriers

Portaaviones de la Armada de EE.UU
Provides an overview of the design, use, weapons, and equipment of U.S. Navy aircraft carriers. Presented in English and Spanish (bilingual).

U.S. Navy submarines

Submarinos de la Armada de EE.UU
Provides an overview of the design, uses, weapons, and equipment of U.S. Navy submarines. Presented in English and Spanish (bilingual).

U.S. Coast Guard cutters

Guardacostas de la Guardia Costera de EE.UU
Photographs and simple text written in both English and Spanish describes Coast Guard Cutters, their design, equipment, weapons system, and the role the Coast Guard plays in national security (bilingual).

Deaf utopia

a memoir--and a love letter to a way of life
A heartfelt and inspiring memoir and deaf culture anthem by Nyle DiMarco, actor, producer, two-time reality show winner, and cultural icon of the international deaf community.

Skilled trades in the military

"The military teaches teamwork, fitness, and decision-making. It also trains service members in skilled occupations that are useful while they're in the armed forces and, later, in civilian life. There are hundreds of these military occupational specialties (MOSs). You're free to choose any MOS, depending on your qualifications, as soon as you join up. For many recruits, the chance for paid training in a job they enjoy is one of the best aspects of joining the military"--.


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