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Till the end

"The memoir of the life of one of the most beloved baseball players of his generation, a raw, compelling story of baseball, family, fame, addiction, loss, and a champion's resilience"--Provided by publisher.


a memoir of surviving boarding school
"Kendra James began her professional life selling a lie. As an admissions officer specializing in diversity recruitment for select prep schools, her job was persuading students and families to embark on the same perilous journey attending cutthroat and largely white schools similar to The Taft School, an elite institution in Connecticut where she had been the first African-American legacy student only a few years earlier. Forced to reflect on her own elite educational experience, she quickly became disillusioned by America's inequitable system."--.

Street data

a next-generation model for equity, pedagogy, and school transformation
Provides educators and school administrators with a guide to education equity, pedagogy, and school transformation that shifts away from big data such as standardized test scores, and towards "street data" that elevates the voices of marginalized students. Provides practical advice and tools on how to gather street data, and integrate it into a school or district's equity journey to achieve school transformation.


a novel
Presents a novel that is based on a true story that confronts America's history of racism. In 1850 Kentucky, enslaved groom Jarret cares for and trains a horse, Lexington, that becomes a champion. A painting of Jarret and the horse is done but it's lost in the Civil War. Then in 1954 New York City, gallery owner Martha Jackson becomes obsessed with a nineteenth-century equestrian oil painting. Finally, in 2019 Washington, DC, Jess, a Smithsonian scientist from Australia, and Theo, a Black graduate student at Georgetown, find the painting and set out to learn the story of the Black horsemen and restore the painting.

Breanna Stewart

"This . . . book introduces readers to the life and career of WNBA superstar Breanna Stewart"--Provided by publisher.

Diana Taurasi

"This . . . book introduces readers to the life and career of WNBA superstar Diana Taurasi"--Provided by publisher.

Sue Bird

"This . . . book introduces readers to the life and career of WNBA superstar Sue Bird"--Provided by publisher.

Plagues in the nation

how epidemics shaped America
Provides a history of how the United States has responded to outbreaks of contagious disease throughout history, from small pox to the COVID-19 pandemic. Discusses the government's response, pushback from the public, how rules and regulations have changed, and what the government has learned and failed to learn.

Department of Homeland Security

Describes the history of the Department of Homeland Security and how it has evolved, covering what the pressing issues are today and what lies ahead in the near future.

Women's war

fighting and surviving the American Civil War
Discusses the role various women played in the Civil War conflict, from serving as spies for the Confederate army, to the fate of female slaves who escaped across Union lines, to the sweeping changes that affected the head of a former plantation. Includes black-and-white photographs and an index.


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