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The Super Bowl

Explores the history of the Super Bowl, including the legendary stars, previous teams, and more.

Athletes for gender equity

Billie Jean King, the U.S. women's soccer team, and more
"From tennis legend Billie Jean King to the U.S. Women's Soccer Team, athletes have fought for equity and fairness for women in professional sports. Discover the pro athletes who have used their platform to speak out and affect change for all women"--Provided by publisher.

City Hall

The city hall is an important part of your neighborhood. Find out why in the World Languages series. Each World Languages title includes access to ten eBooks in ten languages!.

Sugar pie lullaby

the soul of Motown in a song of love
A child and caring adult share their musical love in this bedtime lullaby-along. Includes background information about Motown legends.

Who was Johnny Cash?

"Takes us from Cash's childhood on an Arkansas cotton farm to his first days in rockabilly through his most famous years as a country music legend and icon of American songwriting"--Provided by publisher.

Visitors from outer space

"The odds of us being alone in outer space are small. Maybe we've already been visited by alien life, but didn't even know it. What if those life forms are still here? Jump into some of Earth's most alien mysteries and explore the signs they may have left behind"--.

Racial injustice

"This book explains what racial injustice is and covers historical and current examples of racism along with reactions such as the George Floyd protests"--.

Mac Jones

football star
This exciting book introduces readers to the life and career of football star Mac Jones. Colorful photos, fun facts, interesting sidebars, and a map of important places in his life make this a thrilling read for young sports fans.

Joe Burrow

football star
Describes the life and career of football player Joe Burrow.

Immigrant and refugee injustice

"This book is about who immigrants and refugees are. It talks about the history, hardships, and current conditions that immigrants and refugees face in the US"--.


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