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in search of the men who fell to Earth
Chronicles the experiences of the twelve astronauts involved in the Apollo Moon landings, focusing on how each dealt with their fame after they returned to earth and what they thought about NASA's eventual decision not to return to the moon.

National parks

Introduces the sixty-three United States National Parks, discussing each park, with its own history, natural wonders, animals, plants, and places.

I am Helen Keller

"The story of Helen Keller, who learned to read and write despite being deaf and blind, and became an activist who fought for the rights of disabled people"--Provided by publisher.

Freezing cold takes: NFL

football media's most inaccurate predictions -- and the fascinating stories behind them
"With this book, Segal focuses on the NFL, and provides a vast collection of poorly aged predictions and analysis from NFL media members and personalities about some of the most famous teams and players in the league's history"--Provided by publisher.

100 baseball legends who shaped sports history

Provides brief, chronologically arranged profiles of one hundred baseball players who helped shape sports history.


how Gretzky's men ended Canada's 50-year Olympic hockey drought
"Marking 20 years since the momentous victory, Tim Wharnsby delivers the inside story of how Gretzky built the team and Pat Quinn got them to the gold medal, featuring exclusive interviews with players, coaches, and personnel. Readers will hear directly from Gretzky, Jarome Iginla, Joe Sakic, Steve Yzerman, and more"--Provided by publisher.

The day the river caught fire

how the Cuyahoga River exploded and ignited the Earth Day movement
"The true story of how a 1969 fire in one of the most polluted rivers in America helped foster awareness of water pollution and how the river's fate contributed to the environmental movement"--.

Yasmin the superhero

Yasmin gathers a cape and mask and sets out to find a villain to defeat with her "super powers"--However there are no villains hiding on her block, just neighbors who need a little help.

Not forgotten

the true story of my imprisonment in North Korea
Driven by his passion to help the people of North Korea, Bae moves to neighboring China to lead guided tours into the secretive nation. Six years later, after eighteen successful excursions in and out of the country, Ken is suddenly stopped at the border: he inadvertently brought his hard drive, that reveals the true nature of his visits, to customs. He is arrested, brought to Pyongyang for further questioning, and sentenced to fifteen years of hard labor. His crime? Attempting to overthrow the North Korean government. He may never see his family again. Readers will marvel at the rare, firsthand tour of life inside the most shrouded country on the planet, meeting its people, experiencing their daily lives, taking in the landscape, and encountering the tyranny of a totalitarian regime. With its combined spiritual and secular appeal, this never-before-told story is sure to captivate and inspire readers of all ages.

The long war

the inside story of America and Afghanistan since 9/11
"As troops pull out of Afghanistan at the end of America's longest war, The Long War uncovers the failures at the start that set the scene for this prolonged conflict. Three American presidents tried to defeat the Taliban - sending 150,000 international troops at the peak and spending a trillion dollars. But early policy mistakes that allowed Osama bin Laden to escape made the task far harder. Deceived by easy victories, they backed ruthless corrupt local allies and misspent aid. The story of The Long Waris told by the Generals who led it through the hardest years of combat as surges of international troops tried to turn the tide. Generals including David Petraeus, Stanley McChrystal, Joe Dunford and John Allen were tested in battle as never before. Withthe reputation of a "warrior monk" McChrystal was considered one of the most gifted military leaders of his generation. He was one of two Generals to be fired in this most public of commands. Holding together the coalition of countries who joined America's fight in Afghanistan was just one part of the multi-dimensional puzzle faced by the Generals, as they fought an elusive and determined enemy while responsible for thousands of young American and allied lives. The Long War goes behind the scenes of their command and of the Afghan government. The fourth president to take on the war, Joe Biden, pulled troops out in 2021 twenty years after 9/11 while the conflict still raged, a decision with unforeseeable consequences."--Provided by publisher.


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