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Chronicles of the Juice Man

a memoir
"The hustle still continues for hip-hop OG Juicy J as he shares his invaluable story as an unwavering force in the music industry. Jordan Houston's rise to stardom was never easy. He began his journey on the streets of Memphis in the '80s, always inspired by music and with big dreams of becoming a superstar rapper. Jordan stuck to his plan with determination, on a never-ending grind to greatness. From a young, poor, ambitious kid to an Academy Award-winning and Grammy-nominated recording artist and entrepreneur, the Juice Man offers his wisdom as one of the most influential tastemakers in the game. A raw, intentional portrait of artistry and a never-before-seen look into the making of a respected musical veteran, Chronicles of the Juice Man is an essential read for creatives everywhere" --.

I am Stan

a graphic biography of the legendary Stan Lee /(Graphic Novel)
"The very first graphic novel biography of the legendary Stan Lee, co-creator of many of Marvel's beloved superheroes, from Eisner-nominated comics creator Tom Scioli"--.

100 years of women's suffrage

a University of Illinois Press anthology
An anthology from the University of Illinois Press that illuminate the key figures and diverse types of work across gender, race, and class that contributed to the suffrage movement and women voting.

Recognizing media bias and disinformation

It can be hard to know what to believe, especially when what looks or sounds like a legitimate news story is tainted with bias and opinion or is riddled with flat-out lies and disinformation. Media bias and disinformation are two different things, but they often share the same purpose: to manipulate how members of the public think and act rather than allow people to make up their own minds based solely on the facts.

Being woke

social awareness or political overcorrection?
Explores the tensions between people working to become more aware of social inequality and other issues, and people who believe this can become a misguided effort that undermines traditional society. It will describe what the term "woke" means, its evolving (and politicized) meaning, and examples of how "being woke" has manifested in recent culture.

The great air race

glory, tragedy, and the dawn of American aviation
Reclaiming one of the most important moments in American aviation history, this incredible, untold story recounts the transcontinental air race of October 1919, which riveted a nation as the aviators pioneered the first coast-to-coast air route, despite much drama and tragedy.

The orphans of Davenport

eugenics, the Great Depression, and the war over children's intelligence
"The fascinating--and eerily timely--tale of the forgotten Depression-era psychologists who launched the modern science of childhood development"--Amazon.

You could make this place beautiful

a memoir
The award-winning poet explores the disintegration of her marriage and her renewed commitment to herself, interweaving snapshots of a life with meditations on secrets, anger, forgiveness, and narrative itself and revealing how, in the aftermath of loss, we can discover our power and make something beautiful.

My red, white, and blue

"A story about the mixture of pride and pain that one Black family finds in the American flag, and an invitation for each of us to choose how we relate to America, its history, and the flag that means so many things to so many people"--Provided by publisher.

More than a dream

the radical march on Washington for jobs and freedom
Presents an illustrated account of the radical origins, methods, demands, and legacy of the historic March on Washington on August 28, 1963. Draws on newspaper reports as a primary resource to highlight the speeches given, the people who marched, the lesser-known people who worked to make the event happen, and the Black women protesters who called for jobs and freedom. Includes black-and-white photographs, additional facts about the event, and discussion questions for readers.


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