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Drinks and desserts

In addition to meals and snacks, drinks and desserts are a big part of our diet. Many of us have orange juice with breakfast or cake on our birthdays. Do you know you can add carrot and ginger to your orange juice and it becomes an orange zinger? Did you know that rather than a whopping piece of sugary cake, a mini cheesecake is just as scrumptious? Young readers learn how to make both of these recipes and much more. This book teaches budding chefs how to add dessert into their lives so that some of the tastier things in life can be enjoyed, without over-doing it.

Get baking for Valentine's Day!

"Readers find sweet treats to make for their sweetheart as they explore various Valentine's Day baking recipes. Chocolate, strawberry, and gingerbread are just some of the festive flavors that beginning bakers work with as they learn to get creative in the kitchen. Safety tips, measuring information, and lists of ingredients guide them along the way. In addition, the steps in each recipe are often accompanied by photographs to help readers visualize the process. Presented in a . . . supportive way, this introduction to basic culinary skills is meant to help readers learn to love baking and cooking"--Provided by publisher.

Get baking for St. Patrick's Day!

"Get ready to discover a plethora of green goodies in this guide to baking for St. Patrick's Day! From shamrock cookies and rainbow layer cakes to fancy cupcakes and pistachio muffins, readers are shown the steps to make their own St. Patrick's Day treats to share with family and friends. Rules for kitchen safety and tips for measuring are included before any baking begins, and ingredient and equipment lists are provided at the start of each recipe. Readers follow along with simple steps that are broken down using clear text and colorful photographs"--OCLC.

Get baking for Halloween!

A collection of recipes for young bakers for baking Halloween treats. Each recipe includes an ingredient and equipment list and step-by-step instructions.

Get baking for Christmas!

A collection of recipes for young bakers for baking Christmas treats. Each recipe includes an ingredient and equipment list and step-by-step instructions.

The wizard's dessert cookbook

magical recipes inspired by Harry Potter, The Hobbit, Fantastic beasts, The chronicles of Narnia, and more
Recipes for making desserts inspired by fantasy stories.

Dessert person

recipes and guidance for baking with confidence
"Presents professional tips and troubleshooting strategies for sweet and savory dessert recipes, including apple and concord grape crumble pie, crispy mushroom galette, and malted forever brownies"--OCLC.

The perfect cake

your ultimate guide to classic, modern, and whimsical cakes
"America's Test Kitchen offers a . . . collection of recipes for any cake you can imagine--from fluffy yellow layer cake for birthday parties to fanciful creations and elegant holiday desserts"--Provided by publisher.

Dessert can save the world

stories, secrets, and recipes for a stubbornly joyful existence
"Dessert connects us heart-to-heart like almost nothing else. It brings us together in good times and bad, celebration and solace. It marks big and small milestones and creates memories of comfort and joy. And Christina Tosi, the founder and CEO of Milk Bar, believes it can save the world. Does the combination of sugar, flour, and butter have some magical ability to fix all the craziness of our modern existence? Of course not. Tosi knows a cookie is just a cookie--but bringing the joy a cookie holds into every area of your life most definitely can"--OCLC.

Petite p?tisserie

bon bons, petits fours, macarons and other whimsical bite-size treats
"Cheryl Wakerhauser . . . introduces you to an exciting array of flavors, shapes, textures and colors by focusing on petits fours, bon bons, macarons and more. With step-by-step instructions and tips and tricks to demystify the art of French desserts. . . . French p?tisserie is a study in components, and Cheryl breaks down each recipe, providing information on classic techniques while imbuing each recipe with a new twist"--OCLC.


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