Hot Dutch daydream

Sage Cunningham is going to spend the summer in Amsterdam looking after her mentor?s 3-year-old son, Diederik. In exchange, Dr. Reese will pay Sage?s expenses to attend a conference in Berlin and present at a poster session, something few college freshmen get to do. When Ryland, Dr. Reese?s teenage son from her first marriage, unexpectedly comes home early from a backpacking trip, Sage worries he could be a distraction. But Ryland, who finds it all too easy to get derailed by relationship drama, is hoping some of Sage?s work ethic will rub off on him, and he asks her to help him focus while he prepares for an upcoming art competition. Evenings spent together working on their separate projects in Ryland?s attic lead to friendship; and then to more. However, Dr. Reese makes it clear that if Sage dates Ryland, she won?t be able to work in her lab going forward in order to avoid the appearance of favoritism. Sage has been counting on the position and Dr. Reese?s support to help her reach her professional goals, but can she really say goodbye to Ryland?.



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