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"Each year hundreds of thousands of people die from HIV/AIDS globally, making it one of the world's most deadly infectious diseases. Beginning in the late 1980s, breakthroughs in research brought treatments that could control HIV and prevent the onset of AIDS. For Americans aged 25 to 44, HIV/AIDS is the sixth most frequent cause of death"--Provided by publisher.

Historically black colleges and universities

"Readers will learn more about the history, traditions, and modern achievements of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). From Howard University and homecoming celebrations to all the amazing graduates of HBCUs, students will discover what makes these institutions so special and vital to America--Provided by publisher.

From Black Wall Street to Allensworth

"Students will learn more about America's thriving Black communities, from Tulsa's Black Wall Street to Allensworth, California. These towns and neighborhoods are often ignored in discussions on Black America and their success was often met with resistance--often violent resistance. This book illuminates the achievement and culture of these communities, while exploring racism in a comprehensive, honest, and age-appropriate way"--Provided by publisher.

The Wikipedia encyclopedia of serial killers

an A-Z guide to history's most heinous murderers
Contains alphabetically-organized entries with information about the backgrounds, crimes, victims, arrests, and trials of serial killers. Includes black-and-white photographs.

A picture book of Cesar Chavez

An illustrated exploration of the life of labor leader and civil rights activist Cesar Chavez.

A is for Asian American

an Asian Pacific Islander Desi American alphabet
"Following the alphabet, poetry and expository text explain and showcase the cultural traditions and contributions of Asian Americans throughout U.S. history. Topics include traditions in food, family, and social celebrations, as well as key moments in history and milestone achievements"--Provided by publisher.

I am my ancestors' wildest dreams

A child discovers his distinguished heritage through the achievements of Black leaders from sports, entertainment, law and leadership.

Coretta Scott King

Examines the life of Coretta Scott King in a simple, age-appropriate way that will help children develop word recognition and reading skills.

Uncovering Great Lakes shipwrecks

For centuries, the Great Lakes have been important channels for shipping and trade. While modern technology and safety measures have made the lakes much safer for ships today, the often-stormy waters have resulted in thousands of shipwrecks throughout history. This captivating book tells the stories of some of these wrecks, such as the Edmund Fitzgerald, Argo, and SS Eastland. Engaging text explains how wrecks are found and what happens after their discovery. Vibrant photographs and informative sidebar information will capture readers' attention and encourage them to learn more about these underwater artifacts.

Ruby Bridges

"A chapter book biography of Ruby Bridges, part of the She Persisted series"--Provided by publisher.


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