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Elizabeth B?thory

the blood countess
"[Presents the biography of] Elizabeth B?thory ... daughter of a powerful family, the wife of a military hero, a concerned mother, and a caretaker of her many lands. Elizabeth B?thory was an accused serial killer ... She may have been responsible for as many as 650 murders over the course of her lifetime"--page four.

The illustrated encyclopedia of the elements

the powers, uses, and histories of every atom in the universe
". . . leads young readers in an exploration of all 118 known elements. From their discoveries to their uses to their special properties, this . . . book explores all things elements"--Provided by publisher.

Black edge

inside information, dirty money, and the quest to bring down the most wanted man on Wall Street
The story of billionaire trader Steven Cohen, the rise and fall of his hedge fund SAC Capital, and the largest insider trading investigation in history.

How STEM built the Greek empire

"The ancient Greeks lived thousands of years ago. However, their discoveries about science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) aren't out-of-date or old-fashioned. In fact, some of the ideas and inventions they dreamed up so long ago are useful to the modern world. In every field, including geometry, astronomy, zoology, and medicine, the ancient Greeks were constantly looking at their world and making important discoveries--building blocks for science and technology in the modern age. This . . . book helps readers understand and better appreciate the . . . STEM discoveries the ancient Greeks have handed down through the centuries"--Provided by publisher.

A fierce glory

Antietam--the desperate battle that saved Lincoln and doomed slavery
"On September 17, 1862, the United States was on the brink, facing a permanent split into two separate nations. America's very future hung on the outcome of a single battle--and the result reverberates to this day"--Amazon.

San Diego Padres

Provides a brief overview of the San Diego Padres baseball team with information on its history, statistics, successes, and players.

Washington Nationals

"This title introduces baseball fans to the history of the Washington Nationals MLB franchise. The title features informative sidebars, . . . photos, a timeline, team facts, trivia, a glossary, and an index"--Provided by publisher.

Seattle Mariners

Traces the history of the Seattle Mariners, features profiles of star players, and includes a time line, statistics, quotes and anecdotes, and photographs.

Philadelphia Phillies

Traces the history of the Philadelphia Phillies, highlights significant games and players, and includes photographs, a time line, statistics, quotations, anecdotes, and a glossary.

Oakland Athletics

Provides a brief overview of the Oakland Athletics baseball team, with information on its history, statistics, successes, and players.


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