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Can you survive the 1918 flu pandemic?

"The year is 1918. World War I is nearing its end. But the world is just beginning to suffer from a deadly pandemic. Within months, the deadly flu virus has spread around the world, infecting and killing tens of millions of people. As you return from the war, will you go to see your family and friends or quarantine to keep your loved ones safe? Will you shut down your small store to avoid spreading the virus? Will you quit your job as a teacher in order to stay safe, or continue going to school? With dozens of possible choices, it's up to YOU to choose how to survive through one of the worst pandemics in history"--Back cover.

The miracle on ice

"Exciting illustrations follow the events of the Miracle on Ice hockey game. The combination of brightly colored panels and leveled text is intended for students in grades 3 through 8"--.


""Engaging images accompany information about Coca-Cola. The combination of high-interest subject matter and narrative text is intended for students in grades 3 through 8"--Provided by publisher"--.

The space shuttle

a mission-by-mission celebration of NASA's extraordinary spaceflight program
"Stories and breathtaking photos of previous NASA space missions from monumental events to historical first"--.


requiem for Johnstown
"On May 31, 1889, the South Fork Dam built to create a man-made lake for America's wealthiest businessmen collapsed, unleashing twenty million tons of water onto the town of Johnstown, Pennsylvania, below; told in the voices of six children and many others this is the story of the ordinary people of the town, their losses and their survival--and of the bitter aftermath when those for whom the dam was built denied all responsibility for the shoddy dam and the unnatural disaster which it caused"--Provided by publisher.

Martin Luther King Jr.

A brief biography of African American civil rights activist and Baptist preacher Martin Luther King, Jr.

Rosa Parks

A brief biography of Rosa Parks, African American civil rights activist.

Blips on a screen

how Ralph Baer invented TV video gaming and launched a worldwide obsession
"A picture book biography of Jewish refugee, Ralph Baer, the pioneering inventor of home video gaming"--Provided by publisher.

Terrible Typhoid Mary

a true story of the deadliest cook in America
Tells the story of early-twentieth-century Irish-American cook Mary Mallon, who was immortalized as "Typhoid Mary" after a sanitary engineer traced a 1904 typhoid fever outbreak back to her Long Island kitchen.

Revolution in our time

the Black Panther Party's promise to the people
"In this comprehensive . . . history of the Black Panther Party, [the author] introduces readers to the Panthers' community activism, grounded in the concept of self-defense, which taught Black Americans how to protect and support themselves in a country that treated them like second-class citizens. For too long the Panthers' story has been a footnote to the civil rights movement rather than what it was: a revolutionary socialist movement that drew thousands of members--mostly women--and became the target of one of the most sustained repression efforts ever made by the U.S. government against its own citizens"-- Provided by publisher.


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