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When women stood

the untold history of females who changed sports and the world
"[A] . . . history of women and their fight for equality, told through the influential world of sports"--Provided by publisher.

Revolutionary heart

the life of Clarina Nichols and the pioneering crusade for women's rights
Chronicles the life of Clarina I. H. Nichols, the country's first female newspaper editor and stump speaker, focusing on her role in the American women's movement and her desire to end the mistreatment of women.

A woman's place

the inventors, rumrunners, lawbreakers, scientists & single moms who changed the world with food
"Discover the hidden figures of food, the women who changed the way we eat. From Julia Child to the inventor of the dishwasher to the suffragettes who published cookbooks to finance their fight for justice, these trailblazers used the power of food to break barriers and change the world"--Back cover.

The baseball 100

An award-winning sportswriter presents this ultimate baseball resource that tells the story of the game through the extraordinary lives of its 100 greatest players by retracing their origins, illuminating their characters and placing their accomplishments in the context of baseball's past and present.

Spirit car

journey to a Dakota past
Diane Wilson draws on historical records to chronicle the lives of her Dakota Indian family, describing their experiences in the Dakota War, their involvement with French fur-traders, their struggles to survive the brutal winters, and their years on the Pine Ridge reservation.

Iroquois community

Provides insight into the lives of the Iroquois people, both past and present, that includes their unique history, language, and cultural practices.

G.O.A.T. baseball outfielders

"Baseball boasts some of the . . . best athletes. Learn how the top outfielders carried their teams to victory. Then make your own list of the greatest outfielders in MLB history!"--Provided by publisher.

A visual dictionary of Native communities

An illustrated visual dictionary of a Plains native community that introduces the daily lives of the early Native peoples, including their homes, food, clothing, transportation, and hunting techniques.

Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace

the pen pals who imagined the first computer
Shares the lives of Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace, the two scientists who imagined the first computer.


a story of America
"Interconnected stories present a picture of racial inequality in America, showing systemic discrimination in all areas of society and showing the unbroken line of Black resistance to this inequality"--Provided by publisher.


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