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The fight of his life

inside Joe Biden's White House
Taking readers behind the scenes of one of America's most consequential presidencies, a journalist with unprecedented access to the White House reveals how President Joe Biden and his seasoned team have battled to achieve their agenda, delivering a surprising portrait of politics on the edge.

Latino almanac

from early explorers to corporate leaders
"Latino Almanac covers the history of Latino Americans in politics, labor, law, religion, business, science, medicine, the military, media, sports, literature, music, theater, art, and film. Chapters address the important events and social and cultural changes that affected Latino Americans over the centuries. Each chapter offers a narrative history, along with separate biographical profiles of more than 650 key figures"-- Provided by publisher.

Computer science

"An in-depth survey of computer science, examining the past, present, and future of the technological developments, scientific principles, and innovators behind the electronic devices"--Provided by publisher.

Murder at Minnesota Point

Billed as the crime of the century in 1894, Murder at Minnesota Point tells the twisted, sensational true story of a young, unidentified woman found slain on the isolated sandy shores of Minnesota Point, Duluth, Minn.

Four faces of the moon

"On a journey to uncover her family's story, Spotted Fawn travels through time and space to reclaim connection to ancestors, language, and the land--creating a path forward in this essential graphic novel. In the dreamworld she bears witness to a mountain of buffalo skulls. They stand as a ghostly monument to the slaughter of the Plains bison to near extinction--a key tactic to starve and contain the Indigenous People onto reservations. On this path, Spotted Fawn knows she must travel through her own family history to confront the harsh realities of the past and reignite her connection to her people and the land. Her darkroom becomes a portal, and her photographs allow her glimpses into the lives of her relatives over the course of four chapters of this book, which follow the phases of the moon. Time and space become unlocked and unfurl in front of her eyes. Guided by her ancestors, Spotted Fawn's travels through the past allow her to come into full face--like the moon itself"--Provided by publisher.

Out of order

stories from the history of the Supreme Court
Sandra Day O'Connor tells a number of personal and historical stories from the Supreme Court.

The space race

how the Cold War put humans on the Moon
Discusses the space race between the Soviet Union and the United States and how it led to the creation of NASA.

Trailblazing women in soccer

"Over the years, many women have made contributions to soccer. Mia Hamm gained international attention in the 1990s and many talented athletes soon followed, including Sun Wen, Marta, Megan Rapinoe, and Crystal Dunn. Learn more about each woman's struggles and successes, and find out what makes them trailblazers"--Provided by publisher.

Trailblazing women in surfing

"Over the years, many women have made contributions to surfing. Margo Oberg was the world's first female professional surfer, but she wasn't the last. Other athletes, including Lisa Andersen, Layne Beachley, Stephanie Gilmore, and Carissa Moore have made their marks on the sport too. Learn more about each woman's struggles and successes, and find out what makes them trailblazers"--Provided by publisher.


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