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Margaret Thatcher

shaping the new conservatism

Blood and fire

la violencia in Antioquia, Colombia, 1946-1953
Examines the experience of the department of Antioquia, Columbia, during the first seven years of the struggle for power between members of the Conservative and Liberal parties.

Los Angeles Rams

Text and illustrations look at the Los Angeles Rams professional football team, discussing their history, uniforms, star players, and their 2022 win at the Super Bowl.


"This title introduces readers to the Dakota people. . . . covers traditional ways of life, including social structure, homes, food, art, clothing, and more. Also discussed is contact with Europeans and American settlers, as well as how the people keep their culture alive today"--Amazon.com.

The Stonewall riots

making a stand for LGBTQ rights
"Three teenagers--Natalia, Jax, and Rashad--are magically transported from their modern lives to the legendary Stonewall Inn in the summer of 1969. Escorted by Natalia's eccentric abuela (and her pet cockatiel, Rocky), the friends experience the police raid firsthand and are thrown into the infamous riots that made the struggle for LGBTQ rights front-page news"--Provided by publisher.

The Triangle Shirtwaist factory fire and the fight for workers' rights

"In November 1909, thousands of factory workers walked off the job to protest the terrible working conditions in New York City factories. Joining the picket lines was dangerous, with thugs and police officers harassing picketers, but the protests stirred action. Many factory owners finally agreed to some of the workers' demands and improved conditions. But nothing changed for workers at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory, and those workers would pay a high price for the company's dangerous conditions. In 1911, a devastating fire swept through the Triangle factory, killing 146 workers. In the months following the tragedy, the rights of workers finally gained real traction as the state government formed a safety commission and enacted new safety laws"--Provided by publisher.

Women in lacrosse

Introduces readers to the development of women's lacrosse, as well as the sport's star players from past to present. Colorful spreads, fascinating sidebars, and athlete bios make this a thrilling read for young sports fans.

The national parks

preserving America's wild places
Transporting readers back to 1872 to see how national parks began, this guide to the American wilderness in graphic novel format introduces the people who fought against corruption and self-interest to protect these spaces for future generations.


"A history of the people and events that influenced the North American Indian confederacy known as the Iroquois, including Chief Hiawatha and conflicts such as the American Revolution"--Provided by publisher.


This book is about the state of Illinois. It has its own climate, geography, economy, population, and history. Learn what makes Illinois unique.


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