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Home of the brave

an American history book for kids : 15 immigrants who shaped U.S. history
"The United States has always been a nation of immigrants--and now you can learn all about the amazing people who've helped shape it! . . . From Levi Strauss to Madeleine Albright, discover how these dedicated and creative people made their mark--and how you can follow in their footsteps"--OCLC.

The light ages

the surprising story of medieval science
"An illuminating guide to the scientific and technological achievements of the Middle Ages through the life of a crusading astronomer-monk . . . [the author] takes us on an immersive tour of medieval science through the story of one fourteenth-century monk, John of Westwyk. From multiplying Roman numerals to navigating by the stars, curing disease, and telling time with an ancient astrolabe, we learn emerging science alongside Westwyk, while following the gripping story of the struggles and successes of an ordinary man in a precarious world. An enlightening history that argues that these times weren't so dark after all, . . . shows how medieval ideas continue to color how we see the world today"--Provided by publisher.

Elizabeth Blackwell

trailblazing woman doctor
"Elizabeth Blackwell shattered the glass ceiling as the first woman doctor. Learn how she defied stereotypes and opened a medical practice to treat female patients"--.

Earthquake disaster!

San Francisco, 1906
"The ground shook and buildings tumbled. San Francisco was struck by a violent earthquake during the early morning of April 18, 1906. Follow along with the true story of a city shaken into rubble. Then, review what you've learned with a recap timeline and quick quiz to check how much doomed history you remember"--Provided by publisher.


a history of our best friends
"Chronicles both . . . scientific details and the history of how dogs learned to live cooperatively alongside humans"--Provided by publisher.

Miami Dolphins

all-time greats
Chronicles the history of the Miami Dolphins football team, and profiles famous players. Includes color photographs, fact boxes, a timeline, a glossary, and additional resources.

A history of toilet paper (and other potty tools)

An illustrated investigation into the origins and history of toilet paper. Tracks the earliest methods of cleaning one's bum in ancient history--from pottery shards to sea sponges on sticks--up to the invention and first widespread use of modern toilet paper in the late 1800s.

The story of the Chicano movement

"Mexicans have long been discriminated against in the United States. After the Mexican-American War ended in 1848, many tried to hide their true heritage so they would be considered white and treated with dignity by the majority of Americans. However, by the 1960s, many had grown tired of hiding who they were. This volume's age-appropriate main text, enhanced by engaging sidebars and informative fact boxes, tells readers the story of Mexican-Americans' struggle for civil rights and their proud celebration of their heritage"--Provided by publisher.

Pigeons at war

how avian heroes changed history
"Discover how pigeons were trained for use in World Wars I and II. Learn about some of their most daring flights, and find out what other ways pigeons and humans work together.".

Totally wired

the rise and fall of Josh Harris and the great dotcom swindle
Describes how internet pioneer and entreprneur Josh Harris lost 85 million dollars in one week during the aftermath of the dotcom crash of 2000.


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