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Satchel Paige

legendary pitcher
"Satchel Paige was a . . . popular pitcher whose career spanned nearly thirty seasons across numerous teams. When he joined the Cleveland Indians in 1948, he became the oldest major league rookie on a major league team, and he was the first Negro League player to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Paige is often considered one of the most talented and entertaining pitchers of any race to have ever played baseball. This . . . narrative of both his successes and struggles introduces young readers to America's complicated racial and political landscape in the early twentieth century"--Amazon.

Judy Johnson

third baseman and manager
"Known as one of the best pinch-hitting third baseman to ever play the game, Judy Johnson played seventeen seasons of Negro league baseball before retiring in 1937. Johnson was known for his calm and professional demeanor on the field, and he also managed many of the teams he played for. After his retirement, he went on to become one of the first black men hired to a coaching position for a Major League Baseball team. This book chronicles the life of the sports hero while introducing readers to the difficulties of living in a time of segregation and political upheaval"--Amazon.

Resistance to slavery

from escape to everyday rebellion
"In addition to slave uprisings and escapes on the Underground Railroad, enslaved people also resisted their mistreatment through small acts in their everyday lives. Discover the many forms of resistance to slavery"--.


the movement to end slavery
"The abolitionist movement existed alongside slavery in the US from the beginning. Learn about the movement's history, prominent abolitionists, and how they used tactics from powerful rhetoric to direct, disruptive action to help end slavery"--.

The slave trade

black lives and the drive for profit
"Slavery grew in America with the enslavement of indigenous peoples and millions of Africans. Learn about the Middle Passage and how the slave trade operated and was brought to its end"--.

Jim Crow

segregation and the legacy of slavery
"Even after the institution of slavery became illegal, the legacy of slavery continued through injustices created by the Jim Crow laws. Learn more about these discriminatory laws that have shaped America's past and present"--Provided by publisher.

Chocolate chip cookies

"Chocolate chip cookies are delicious, but did you know they were a mistake? Oops! Learn the story of how this accidental invention turned into a favorite treat"--Provided by publisher.

Communication past and present

"From handwritten letters to typed text messages, this . . . leveled text compares and contrasts communication of the past to communication of the present"--Provided by publisher.

Fire weather

a true story from a hotter world
"In May 2016, the city of Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada, burned to the ground, forcing 88,000 people to flee their homes. It was the largest evacuation ever of a city in the face of a forest fire, raising the curtain on a new age of increasingly destructive wildfires. This book is a suspenseful account of one of North America's most devastating forest fires-and a stark exploration of our dawning era of climate catastrophes"--Provided by publisher.

Spoken word

a cultural history
"A fascinating history of the art form that has transformed the cultural landscape, by one of its influential practitioners, an award-winning poet, professor, and slam champion. In 2009, when he was twenty years old, Joshua Bennett was invited to perform a spoken word poem for Barack and Michelle Obama, at the same White House 'Poetry Jam' where Lin Manuel-Miranda declaimed the opening bars of a work-in-progress that would soon revolutionize American theatre. That meeting is but one among many in the trajectory of Bennett's young life, as he rode the cresting wave of spoken word through the 2010s. In this book, he goes back to its roots, considering the Black Arts movement and the prominence of poetry and song in Black education; the origins of the famed Nuyorican Poets Cafe in the Lower East Side living room of the visionary Miguel Algar?n, who hosted verse gatherings with legendary figures like Ntozake Shange and Miguel Pi?ero; the rapid growth of the 'slam' format that was pioneered at the Get Me High Lounge in Chicago; the perfect storm of spoken word's rise during the explosion of social media; and Bennett's own journey alongside his older sister, whose work to promote the form helped shape spaces online and elsewhere dedicated to literature and the pursuit of human freedom. A celebration of voices outside the dominant cultural narrative, who boldly embraced an array of styles and forms and redefined what--and whom--the mainstream would include, Bennett's book illuminates the profound influence spoken word has had everywhere melodious words are heard, from Broadway to academia, from the podiums of political protest to cafes, schools, and rooms full of strangers all across the world"--Provided by the publisher.


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