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in search of the men who fell to Earth
Chronicles the experiences of the twelve astronauts involved in the Apollo Moon landings, focusing on how each dealt with their fame after they returned to earth and what they thought about NASA's eventual decision not to return to the moon.

Native Americans

a captivating guide to Native American history and the Trail of Tears, including tribes such as the Cherokee, Muscogee Creek, Seminole, Chickaswa, and Choctaw Nations
Native American history: A history of the Native American people including theories of the arrival of the first Native Americans; information on the various tribes; profiles of famous native Americans including Hiawatha, Sacagawea, and Pochahontas; the truth about the first Thanksgiving and more.

Inventions that could have changed the world -- but didn't!

Outlines the process of making and patenting inventions and presents innovations in such fields as transportation, appliances, child and pet care, and amusement that did not work, were too early or too late, or failed for other reasons.

A game of extremes

25 exceptional basketball stories about what happens on and off the court
"These 25 accounts share stories of courage, perseverance, and amazing feats all related to one of America's favorite pastimes. Courage to change not only the landscape of the game but also of a country divided. Perseverance of players and teams who overcame great odds to become some of the greatest players in the world. Amazing feats of men who are almost superhuman in their basketball playing abilities. And these are just a few of the attributes covered in this . . . collection of stories"--Amazon.

Freezing cold takes: NFL

football media's most inaccurate predictions -- and the fascinating stories behind them
"With this book, Segal focuses on the NFL, and provides a vast collection of poorly aged predictions and analysis from NFL media members and personalities about some of the most famous teams and players in the league's history"--Provided by publisher.

100 baseball legends who shaped sports history

Provides brief, chronologically arranged profiles of one hundred baseball players who helped shape sports history.


how Gretzky's men ended Canada's 50-year Olympic hockey drought
"Marking 20 years since the momentous victory, Tim Wharnsby delivers the inside story of how Gretzky built the team and Pat Quinn got them to the gold medal, featuring exclusive interviews with players, coaches, and personnel. Readers will hear directly from Gretzky, Jarome Iginla, Joe Sakic, Steve Yzerman, and more"--Provided by publisher.

Great FIFA World Cup matches

The men's World Cup was first handed out in 1930. The women's tournament began in 1991. Every four years, the greatest soccer players on the planet gather to compete for the ultimate prize in the world's most popular sport. Great FIFA World Cup Matches recounts the stories of four of the best championship matches ever witnessed in the global game.

Alfa Romeo

a legacy from Milan
Since 1910, Alfa Romeo's cars have topped the racing circuit. Most car aficionados consider owning one a privilege. The Italian brand experienced rollercoaster ups and downs throughout its long history. By 1995, its U.S. sales declined so sharply that it pulled out of the country's market altogether. Thirteen years later, it made a triumphant return, bolstered by its parent company, FIAT. Read about how this company has reinvented itself multiple times in its more than 110 years of history, enabling itself to continue to grow, expand, and remain on top. Strap in for the ultimate tour of the most amazing, powerful, and stylish cars in the world. Each volume explores the history of a famous brand, features the hottest and most valuable models, and brings readers "up to speed" on everything about the world's hottest Dream Cars!.

City on fire

the fight for Hong Kong
Through the long, hot summer of 2019, Hong Kong burned. Anti-government protests, sparked by a government proposal to introduce a controversial extradition law, grew into a pro-democracy movement that engulfed the city for months. Protesters fought street battles with police, and the unrest brought the People's Liberation Army to the very doorstep of Hong Kong. Driven primarily by students and youth protesters with their 'Be Water!' philosophy, borrowed from hometown hero Bruce Lee, this leaderless, technology-driven protest movement defied a global superpower and changed Hong Kong, perhaps forever. But it also changed China, and challenged China's global standing. In City on Fire, Antony Dapiran provides the first detailed account of the protests, reveals the protesters' unique tactics, explains how the movement fits into the city's long history of dissent, and looks at what the protests will mean for the future of Hong Kong, China, and China's place in the world.


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