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New junior cook book

Provides more than sixty easy recipes designed for young cooks, complete with illustrations, cooking tips, and nutrition information.

The hundred-foot journey

a novel
Born above his grandfather's modest restaurant in Mumbai, Hassan first experienced life through intoxicating whiffs of spicy fish curry, trips to the local markets, and gourmet outings with his mother. But when tragedy pushes the family out of India, they console themselves by eating their way around the world, eventually settling in Lumi??re, a small village in the French Alps. The boisterous Haji family takes Lumi??re by storm. They open an inexpensive Indian restaurant opposite an esteemed French relais-that of the famous chef Madame Mallory-and infuse the sleepy town with the spices of India, transforming the lives of its eccentric villagers and infuriating their celebrated neighbor. Only after Madame Mallory wages culinary war with the immigrant family, does she finally agree to mentor young Hassan, leading him to Paris, the launch of his own restaurant, and a slew of new adventures. The Hundred-Foot Journey is about how the hundred-foot distance between a new Indian kitchen and a traditional French one can represent the gulf between different cultures and desires.

Culinary arts

"Seven different cuisine cultures from around the world are studied in great depth to provide readers with the inside scoop on the foods of the world. Within these pages, you'll learn where hummus was invented, why Jewish people don't eat pork, the origin of Tex-Mex food, how African cooking influenced Cajun dishes, and much more. You'll also learn why food--and how it is eaten--affects the world around you"--Provided by publisher.

Making snacks with math!

Simple word problems encourage readers to consider the many ways math is used in the kitchen to make snacks. Includes recipes.

The unofficial Harry Potter college cookbook

a magical collection of simple and spellbinding recipes to conjure in the Common Room or the Great Hall
Recipes for cooking food based on Harry Potter.

Careers for people who love cooking

"For those who have a passion for food, there's nothing quite like stepping up to the stove and preparing a meal. It can be intimidating, however, to make the leap from home kitchen cooking to professional culinary arts. This informative title offers readers who love all things food-but for whom college may not be an option-a host of ideas and tips for breaking into the restaurant industry. From line cooking to food photography, anyone who enjoys cooking will find themselves inspired by these suggestions"--Provided by publisher.

Fatally flaky

Colorado caterer Goldy Schulz, planning a wedding reception for a spoiled bride who has decided to change the location to the Gold Gulch Spa, investigates the death of a family friend who died in a suspicious car accident and uncovers a link between the man's death and research being conducted at the spa.

Healthy snacks

Contains twelve recipes for healthy snacks, accompanied by background information about blood sugar, metabolism, and the importance of snacks.

Drinks and desserts

Contains twelve recipes for drinks and desserts, accompanied by background information and tips for incorporating dessert into one's diet without over-doing it.

Garden to table

Contains more than fifty recipes that feature fresh produce, including whipped-cream cake with berries, mini peach and cherry pies, sweet potato skins topped with melted cheese, and tempura fried string beans; and includes tips on cooking and kitchen safety.


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