The lost deer camp

Tucker Thompson is just an ordinary 8th grader from Detroit, Michigan. He loves school and baseball. Everything seems great for the left-handed pitcher with a big, breaking curveball. That is, until one dreadful event changes his life. Tucker learns that his parents are getting divorced. If that wasn?t bad enough, his mom is making a move. He will be forced to attend a new school, across town in the inner city of Detroit. Struggling to handle his anger, Tucker does the only thing he can think of to get his parent?s attention: cause trouble. Not everyone at his new school finds him entertaining, especially the principal, Mr. David. After pulling off the prank of the century, Tucker gets kicked out of school and shipped off to live with his Uncle Ed and Aunt Loretta in a remote area of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The U.P. is a far cry from the concrete jungle of Detroit. But Tucker quickly realizes there is something magical and mysterious about Uncle Ed?s place. He is warned early and often by his uncle to never venture into the West Woods. But why? Is Uncle Ed hiding something?.

Bakken Books


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