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Food scientists

In this book, you'll learn about a variety of career paths in food science, typical educational paths, methods of exploring this field while in school, key skills for success, and much more.

One meal more

a multicultural Ramadan story
"One Ramadan evening, a knock at the door, brings a new guest, with one meal more. You're invited to join a multicultural ifitar with iconic food from around the world"--Back cover.

Flint saves the day

Flint Lockwood suddenly becomes popular when the young inventor creates a machine that can rain showers of food; but when the machine malfunctions, Flint must find a way to fix it before the town and the world is destroyed by giant-sized food.

Yum Fest is the best!

Can a chicken nugget and a hot dog who are friends and founders of K.E.T.C.H.U.P., a club that spreads kindness and empathy, stop evil Crouton and Dijon Mustard from ruining Yum Fest, a popular fair in Gastropolis? In graphic novel format.

My food is purple!

"Purple foods have so much great nutrition for the human body! In addition, they're fun to eat because of their vibrant color. This title shows readers all the fun foods they can eat that are purple. The close text-to-picture correlation aids readers comprehension and strengthens their ability to identify different, or perhaps new, foods"--Provided by publisher.


a history of yummy experiments
Explores the history of some of our favorite foods, including cheese, soda, pickles and pizza.

Mexican culture and cooking

Mexican food and the culture of its people are deeply connected. Readers explore this connection through insightful main text and fact boxes that highlight how geography, festivals, daily life, and food have been linked throughout Mexican history. Maps help readers visualize where certain ingredients come from, and colorful photographs depict Mexicans and the foods they enjoy in engaging detail. As readers learn, they are invited to take that knowledge into the kitchen with the help of recipes broken down into simple steps. This journey through Mexico is sure to have readers coming back for seconds!.

Food for thought

"Ohayo! It's breakfast time and Gigi can't wait to make her favorite meal--Peanut Butter Toast. Yummy! But Ojiji doesn't like peanut butter. How can anyone not like peanut butter? Ojiji prefers Japanese foods--like natto, made from fermented soybeans. Will Gigi learn to love a new breakfast treat? This story highlights the close relationship of Gigi and her grandfather and the importance of trying new things!"--Provided by publisher.

Christmas treats to make and bake

What could be more festive in the winter season than Christmas-themed cupcakes, truffles, and gingerbread? In this festive volume, readers learn how to spread holiday cheer through delicious recipes such as eggless eggnog and candy cane cookies! Easy-to-follow recipes include an ingredients list, equipment list, as well as a step-by-step guide to making each delicious goodie. Each recipe is accompanied by full-color photographs to guide readers to a tasty finished product. Safety, measuring, and simple cooking techniques, as well as fun holiday information, are included throughout.

Frosting & icing workshop

decorating desserts
This how-to book provides readers with information they need to get started on a career in dessert decorating. Included are the history and cultural significance of frosting and icing; kitchen tools, terms, and techniques; how to become a dessert decorator; and career paths in the dessert decorating industry. Step-by-step recipes help readers practice cooking skills and apply what they've learned.


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