Star Wars galactic baking

the official cookbook of sweet and savory treats from Tatooine, Hoth, and beyond
"Get ready to tour the galaxy with this baking cookbook inspired by the snowdrifts of Hoth, the wastelands of Tatooine, and beyond. Star Wars: The Official Baking Cookbook is the most delicious way to experience the planets, flora, and fauna of the Star Wars galaxy. Whether you're throwing a watch party or hosting members of the Galactic Senate, this cookbook is a must-have for fans of all ages"--Provided by publisher.

Mooncakes + milk bread

sweet & savory recipes inspired by Chinese bakeries
A popular food blogger, focusing exclusively on Chinese bakeries and cafes, presents simple, easy-to-make interpretations of classic recipes for the modern baker, including sweet and savory baked buns, steamed buns, Chinese breads, unique cookies, juicy dumplings and more.

Feel good smoothies

40 smoothies to power your body and mind
"When you need a quick brain-powering meal in the morning or a delicious way to repair or relax, blend up these 40 nutrient-rich smoothies to boost your day"--Back cover.

Kids cooking

tasty recipes with step-by-step photos

Baking with Dorie

sweet, salty & simple
"The . . . author of thirteen cookbooks and winner of five James Beard and two IACP awards offers a collection that celebrates the sweet, the savory, and the simple. Every recipe is . . . easy. . . and accessible, made with everyday ingredients. You'll find . . . [some] twists like Berry biscuits, Footlong cheese sticks made with cream puff dough, Apple pie with browned butter spiced like warm mulled cider, and S'mores ice cream cake with velvety chocolate sauce, salty peanuts, and toasted marshmallows. And there are 'Sweethearts' throughout, mini collections of [the author's] . . . favorites. Don't miss the meringue Little marvels or the Double-decker caramel cake. They lend themselves to being remade, refashioned, and riffed on"--Provided by publisher.

Let's make dumplings!

a comic book cookbook
Includes dumpling history and lore, this comic book cookbook invites readers to explore the big little world of Asian dumplings and proves that intricate folding styles and flavorful fillings are achievable in the home kitchen.

New world sourdough

artisan techniques for creative homemade fermented breads; with recipes for birote, bagels, pan de coco, beignets, and more
"Teaches handmade artisan bread baking for beginner to intermediate home bakers who want to learn how to bake fermented breads at home with New World twists"--Provided by publisher.

From no-knead to sourdough

a simpler approach to handmade bread
Tips and recipes for baking bread.

DIY sourdough

"The essential beginner's guide to crafting simple whole grain sourdough starters, breads, snacks, and more that can be incorporated into your weekly routine. Packed with tips and tricks for consistent, nutritious, and delicious results."--Provided by publisher.

Sally's baking addiction

irresistible cookies, cupcakes, & desserts for your sweet tooth fix
Features a selection of more than eighty easy-to-follow recipes for baked goods and desserts, including a chapter of lighter options for a vegan or gluten-free lifestyle.


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