7 ways

Presents a collection of recipes that offer multiple options for common ingredients, from chicken breast and ground beef to potatoes and broccoli, and show readers how to incorporate satisfying twists and high nutrition into everyday meals.

The anime chef cookbook

75 iconic dishes from your favorite anime
Provides 75 recipes from various anime series, featuring appetizers, main dishes, desserts, and drinks.

The rise

Black cooks and the soul of American food
Provides 150 recipes of the Black culture, including the author's own journey on becoming a chef.


the official cookbook
"Thrill your friends and frighten your family with stunning recipes inspired by the Alien: The Official Cookbook collects together 50 dishes inspired by the lifecycle of cinema's greatest alien, from egg to Queen. Featuring everything from Avocado Xenomorph Eggs and Chicken Facehugger Cordon Bleu to Coiled Chestburster Veggie Pastilla and Alien Queen Empanadas, there's something to whet every monstrous appetite. Whether you're an Alien fanatic, or you're just looking for the perfect quirky appetizers, this cookbook will thrill the eyes and the taste buds. At last, it is your turn to be the universe's greatest apex predator." -- Back cover.

Holiday cookies

more than 100 very merry recipes
"Let's celebrate the merriest season the best way we know how; baking in the kitchen! Over 100 recipes divided into mouthwatering categories. You'll find everything from thumbprint cookies, sandwich cookies, holiday twists perfect for a cookie swap, chocolate decadence and everything in between. With tried-and-tested recipes and beautiful photography as your guide, explore the glorious world of holiday baking from your home kitchen." --.

The woks of life

Provides a collection of Chinese recipes from the creators of the food blog "The Woks of Life." Provides personal essays from the Leung family, cooking tutorials, historical and ethnic information, and 100 recipes. Includes a materials list, a pantry ingredients list, cooking technique summaries, and QR codes that link to additional information and videos.

Smitten kitchen keepers

new classics for your forever files
Provides a collection of breakfast, salad, soup, vegetable, main dish, snack, dessert, and drink recipes from home cook Deb Perelman, the curator of the food blog "Smitten Kitchen.".

Betty Crocker lost recipes

beloved vintage recipes for today's kitchen
A collection of classic recipes updated for modern cooks features such dishes as hot crab dip, slow cooker sauerbraten beef, applesauce doughnuts, Irish soda bread, Waldorf salad, hot German potato salad, and baked corn pudding.


recipes & stories from Central Asia & the Caucasus
Introduces the history, culture, and cuisine of Samarkand, Central Asia, and Caucasus. Offers recipes from soups to pilafs to drinks and desserts accompanied by instructions and photographs. Interspersed throughout the book are essays from the authors about their travels in the regions. Includes an index.

How to bake

Provides a guide to making bread and pastries from celebrity chef Paul Hollywood. Contains recipes for breads, sourdoughs, croissants, biscuits, puddings and cakes, and tarts and pies. Includes information on sourcing ingredients, techniques, a tools list, and photographs.


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