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Jewish fairy tale feasts

a literary cookbook
Presents a collection of Jewish folktales accompanied by Jewish recipes for children.

Treat yourself!

how to make 93 ridiculously fun no-bake crispy rice treats
A collection of 93 recipes for no-bake crispy rice treats, including personalized projects for birthdays, holidays, school events, and more.

Betty Crocker cookbook

everything you need to know to cook from scratch
Contains more than 1,500 recipes with full-color photographs, including ideas for breakfast, brunch, do-it-yourself canning, pickling, preserving, and entertaining, and providing tips and information on cooking time, substitutions, types of food, equipment, and more.

The big book of Bisquick

A collection of Bisquick recipes for breakfasts, brunches, snacks, pizzas, pies, breads, desserts, and more.

The Chew

quick & easy : stress-free recipes for every occasion
"The hosts of ABC's hit show The Chew invite you to enjoy the fun and flavor of cooking without the stress. Just as they do every day on television, The Chew hosts provide mouthwatering recipes and time-saving tips to make cooking for your family and friends manageable and easy. In this sixth companion book, the hosts offer fabulous meals that correspond to useful themes from the show: 10 Ingredients or Less, One Pot Perfection, Effortless Entertaining, Last-Minute Meals, and Seriously Simple Sweets. And, as always, they share wisdom and tips that will make cooking for your family easier and a lot more fun.".

My first cookbook

fun recipes to cook together -- with as much mixing, rolling, scrunching, and squishing as possible!
A collection of recipes for children to cook.

One-dish meals

100 delicious recipes
One hundred tantalizing and tasty meals, all simple to make and each only requiring a single cooking container.

Cool chicken recipes

main dishes for beginning chefs
A collection of main dish recipes using chicken. Provides step by step directions and photographs for dishes such as spinach chicken quiche, chicken quesadilla, chicken kabobs, and more.

Chef Roy Choi and the street food remix

Highlights the life and career of Chef Roy Choi who used his passion for his mother's Korean food to create a successful food truck business in Los Angeles that serves a remix of Korean and Mexican foods.

The heat is on

The second week of Next Best Junior Chef features family and traditions, as Caroline, Oliver, and Rae, ages eleven to twelve, face more challenges and another elimination.


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