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The unofficial Minecraft cookbook

30 recipes inspired by your favorite video game
30 recipes for kids inspired by the video game Minecraft.

Logan's Greenhouse

"Stars Logan, a young boy who uses a wheelchair and accessible tools while gardening in his greenhouse. . . . Text guides young readers to hunt for visual clues and compare and contrast the unique characteristics of carrots against sweet potatoes, leeks, turnips, and other produce that grows in Logan's greenhouse. . . . Includes a . . . winter carrot soup recipe"--Provided by publisher.

Cooking with monsters

"Hana Ozawa is the newest face at the Gourmand Academy of Culinary Combat, a school that will teach her how to fight monsters AND how to turn them into delicious meals. Hana is a natural, but so are her classmates, and she struggles to keep up--she's gotta stand out, especially if she wants to impress the warrior chef who saved her life as a child. Throw in a crush on a formidable lady rival and a dash of multicultural cuisine, and this unique and hilarious story is sure to hit the spot!"--Provided by publisher.

Disney villains devilishly delicious cookbook

"Features more than 50 . . . recipes inspired by the dastardly Disney Villains. From . . . appetizers to delectable mains to . . . desserts, this cookbook offers Disney Villain-themed treats for every meal and occasion. Featuring full-color photography, suggestions for alternate ingredients, and tips and tricks from some . . . Disney Villains"--Provided by publisher.

Baking apples

"In this . . . illustrated story, a father and a daughter bake together. They start with fresh-picked apples and end with a delicious apple tart. Pairs with the nonfiction title Let's Look at Apple Trees"--Provided by publisher.

Valentine?s Day treats to make and bake

How did February 14 become Valentine's Day, a day people around the country celebrate love? And how did that day become a day filled with chocolate and sweets? Readers learn about the long history of Valentine's Day while they go beyond heart-shaped candies and make treats like rocky road chocolates, frozen strawberry yogurt desserts, and more. Full-color photographs accompany easy-to-follow instructions that assist readers in each recipe. Introductory text addresses safety, how to begin cooking, and simple cooking techniques used in the book.

Thanksgiving treats to make and bake

Pumpkin pie is the king of treats on Thanksgiving--unless you're more into apples! Either way, this volume makes Thanksgiving even tastier with its many recipes perfect for young chefs to try for the big meal. Each recipe has instructions that are easy to follow and accessible to young readers. Helpful photographs accompany the materials and ingredients list as well as show the finished product of the recipe to aid readers through the entirety of the recipe. Cooking techniques and cultural context are discussed throughout.

Hanukkah treats to make and bake

From donuts to applesauce, the recipes in this book are delicious ways to celebrate the eight nights of Hanukkah! Readers are introduced to the traditional Hanukkah favorites, as well as some exciting new ideas, as they begin making treats for their celebrations. Fun, easy-to-follow instructions guide readers through each recipe while fact boxes give cultural context along the way. Full-color photographs accompany each recipe to show ingredients and the finished product, aiding visual learners. The introductory text includes safety information and cooking techniques used in the recipes.

Easter treats to make and bake

Easter is a day already known for treats--that's what most kids find in their Easter basket! What better way to prepare for a yummy morning than by making the recipes in this festive book for young readers and chefs! Step-by-step instructions guide readers to making themed snacks and treats like carrot cake and deviled eggs that are perfect for Easter celebrations. Full-color photographs show ingredients, materials, and the finished product readers are working toward. Introductory text addresses safety and basic cooking techniques used in the book.

Halloween treats to make and bake

Monster caramel apples and crunchy witch's fingers sound just the right amount of spooky for a Halloween party! Readers find these recipes and more in this festive volume of wickedly tasty treats and eats. The introductory text includes safety information, measuring tips, and a guide to basic cooking techniques used in the book. Each recipe includes a materials and ingredients list and step-by-step instructions to guide readers to successfully scary foods to share with friends all through the Halloween season.


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