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Cooking from scratch for teens

make your own healthy & delicious food
A cooking guide for teens to help them master easy-to-prepare meals. Teens will be inspired to get creative in the kitchen and whip up meals for their friends and family. Readers get a combination of fundamental techniques and the foods and flavors teens want to cook (and eat!) every day.

Bake like a pro!

In graphic novel format, looks at the simple science behind baking.

Granny's kitchen

a Jamaican story of food and family
"Shelly-Ann lives with her Granny on the beautiful island of Jamaica. When Shelly-Ann becomes hungry, she asks her Granny for something to eat. Granny tells her 'Gyal, you betta can cook!' and teaches Shelly-Ann how to get in touch with her Jamaican roots through the process of cooking. As Shelly-Ann tries each recipe, everything goes wrong. But when Granny is too tired to cook one morning, Shelly-Ann will have to find the courage to try one more time and prepare the perfect Jamaican breakfast"--Provided by publisher.

Mini sweets to savor and share

Contains step-by-step instructions and photographs for making some mini sweets.

The Llamacorn cookbook

"The one-horned animals of Llamacorn Land are excited to share their favorite snacks and treats with you! Now kids can make Llamacorn Cookies at home, along with Gorillacorn Banana Bread Bites, Girafficorn Head-In-A-Cloud Cakes, Walruscorn Sand Dollars, Snakicorn Loop-De-Loop Pretzels, and more!"--Provided by publisher.


Get to know Australia-- its land, animals, people, and way of life.


Get to know Russia-- its land, animals, people, and way of life.

Sopa de frijoles

un poema para cocinar
A young boy, bored with his video games, decides to make a black bean soup.

Cookie Monster's foodie truck

Cookie Monster and his sidekick, Gonger, cook for the residents of Sesame Street.

Pete makes a pizza

a sequence story
"Follow along as Pete follows a recipe to make a pizza, experiencing firsthand the coding concept of sequencing. Features reading tips for teachers and caregivers, a picture glossary, and a table of contents"--Provided by publisher.


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